Getting it Done

Hi folks,

Last time I mentioned some of the ongoing projects I was working on. here’s an update. The shed is finished and in service, my office has been somewhat cleaned out, (still on going), I’ve installed a new range hood in the kitchen, and a new bathroom fan.

On the writing front, the sixth book in the Children of the Goddess series is nearing completion, Rise of the Queen will soon be available for purchase, the third in the Children of the Wild is under way, and… well, let’s let it go at that.

Now for the big win of the week. we went picking blueberries, which got made into jam and a big batch of Blueberry grunt. Awesome.

blueberries - Copy

So, you take this and cook it up then put it in bowls like this.


my bowl is in the middle. This one:


Then you add ice cream.


And, well, I’m sure you know what happens then.

Okay, so this is my favorite way to overcome writer’s block. tee hee.

So long for now.



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