Genesis of an Urban Farmer (1)

Hi Folks,

The time has come. I have faced food rotting in my fridge far too often lately. Sadly, we have reached the stage of, buy it, eat it now. We are an isolated island in the North Atlantic and food travels a long way to get here. Too long.

Newfoundland was once self sufficient in the food department. It is time to get back to those roots. (pun intended) So, we have begun. We have a fair sized lot, let’s see what we can do with it. Welcome to Brier Rose Farm, the beginning.

The soil is too poor on our lot so we will be constructing raised bed and green houses. Yes, my darlings, we have a plan. We have already staked out the future gardens.  I will be keeping a record of our efforts on this blog. Thus the new name. 

This is going to be such fun. Any advice, ideas, suggestions, etc. Will be welcomed. Come on, you can make a farmer out of me, sure you can. tee hee hee

Stay tuned

Your thoughts?

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