From the Studio

Hi folks. About this time last year I began a series of blog posts documenting the building of our backyard studio which we managed to complete before the snow fell. K and I built it together and although many of you suggested I use it for a writing studio (I would love to have done so), K took it over as her artist’s studio. Many wonderful things have emerged since that time, but recently her love of metalworking and jewelry making have returned and blossomed into a true passion.

So, here’s where you can find more of her handiwork.
Thanks for dropping by and I promise a further update on my new book in my next post. I hope to have a couple of covers for you to choose from.

8 thoughts on “From the Studio

  1. Ooooh! What gorgeous work she does!
    I've been hit with an avalanche of vet bills these past couple of months, so jewelery is not in the budget right now. But I'll bookmark her sites for future reference, when I get my savings built back up again. 😉

  2. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the kind words. We have four elderly dogs so we understand vet bills. Since those pictures were taken K has upped her game again. watch her stie to see all the new and amazing things she comes up with.

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