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Okay, it’s Friday, but I wasn’t able to round up a new author for you. These author types are like Hobbits, somewhat shy and hard to find. So, since I have nothing else for you I will post two excerpts from my own work. The first is from Calan; book one in the St. John’s Series of romance stories.

They checked out of the motel and found a restaurant.  Angela went to buy more aspirin for Callie while Calan went to find a good table. Angela paid for the aspirin and headed into the main dining room. She spotted Calan sitting at a table by the window, and there was a fat guy bending over her. Rage burned in Angela’s heart as she made a bee line for the table. Why the hell isn’t Calan kicking this fool’s ass all over the room? Oh god, she is too stiff and sore. She can’t move; she’s trapped. Quick Angie, think of something fast.
Quick as a cat, Angela slipped in front of the guy with her back to him. She hip checked him out of the way as she bent over Calan and kissed her softly. Callie’s eyes flew open in surprise and she froze, but only for a moment. The kiss was so loving and gentle, her eyes fluttered closed and her lips parted slightly as she released herself to the kiss.  
Slowly Angela pulled her lips away from Callie’s. “Sorry that took so long, lover. Did you miss me?  
“I’ll have bacon, two eggs easy over, brown toast and coffee, lots of cream and sugar,” she said firmly as she turned toward the man who had been bent over Calan.
“I’m not your damn waiter, you sick lezzie bitch,” snarled the man as he stalked away cursing to himself.
“Oh my god, Callie,” gasped Angela as she saw the strange look on Calan’s face. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t think; I mean….”  She stopped as Calan gently squeezed her hand.
“Quiet, I’m savouring the sensations.”
“Savouring the sensations?”
“Savouring the sensations of my first real kiss,” Calan replied with that dreamy quality in her voice.  “I’ll be thirty years old in a couple of weeks and I finally got a real kiss.”
“Callie, I’m so sorry,” said Angela, but Calan stopped her again.
“I’m not,” she purred softly, “I want you to do it again.”
Just then a young waitress bounced up to their table.  “Now,” she said with an impish grin, “was that one order of bacon, two eggs easy over, brown toast, and coffee with lots of cream and sugar, or was it two?”
Now here’s an excerpt from my current WIP. If you have read Assassin of Nova and Novan Witch you will be familiar with the characters.
Gorda slowly struggled out of the downed ship. Zartah was close behind him. “Was that exciting enough for you, Zartah?” he asked as he helped haul his friend from the smoking ruin of what was once a small fighter ship. They clambered away looking for cover, but the ship didn’t explode.
Zartah put his back against a boulder and sank slowly to the ground. “That was a wild ride all right, Gorda. Any idea what hit us?”
“None, but I’m willing to bet it wasn’t any random natural occurrence. We were shot down.”
“Oh yeah, indeed we were shot down. What say we leg it out of here before whoever sent us the welcome comes looking for this ship.”
“Agreed, my friend. Let’s go.” They headed into the forest, climbing steadily up the steep ridge. Zartah, knowing he was crashing and that he’d been shot down, had managed to steer the wounded ship into some difficult terrain. The idea was to slow down the enemy as much as possible while making an escape.
His comm unit crackled, sputtered, and then a voice came through. “Micha to Zartah, come in Zartah.”
“Zartah here, Boss.”
“We’re alive and in relatively good shape, but the ship’s lost.”
“No, Boss, we’re here, we might as well continue the mission. We were shot down though; I don’t think we should leave that ship for an enemy to find and scavenge.”
“Agreed. You clear?”
“Well clear, Boss.”
“Zartah, report in every twelve hours ship’s time. You miss a report we’ll come in. Call if you need anything.”
“Understood, Boss. Zartah out.” A moment later they heard the scream of an incoming shell. The remains of their poor battered ship was obliterated in the blast.
As the echo of the blast faded Gorda looked at Zartah and grinned. “Well, first man, we have an entire planet to search for a single man. Where should we start?”
“Well, somebody shot us down, let’s start by asking them.”
“That sounds like a sensible plan. They’ll surely come to investigate the blast; we could ask them then,” chuckled Gorda.

Okay folks, that’s it for Friday. I’ll have something more for Sunday’s check-in. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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