Freya’s Day

It is Friday the thirteenth and it is snowing. That’s not such a bad thing. Most folks think of Friday the thirteenth as a day of bad luck, but is it really?  How did it get such a nasty reputation anyway? Well, it was all a propaganda ploy.

Back in the Middle Ages, when the Christian religion was slowly pushing out the older ways, Friday was Freya’s Day. That’s how Friday got its name. Freya’s followers held rituals on the full moon. There are thirteen full moons in a year; can you see where this is going? Yes, most of Her followers were (and are) women. Often they would gather in numbers of thirteen to honor the moon and their goddess, especially when Freya’s Day fell on the thirteenth.

The Church decried these women as witches and Friday the thirteenth as a day of great Evil, urging everyone to spend the day in the church, praying for salvation and deliverance from the witches. It was a bit of propaganda that seems to have worked well, as many people still fear the thirteenth as a day of bad luck.
Me, I have always found this to be a day of exceptional good luck. Today is no different. I am warm and safe, well fed and will hundreds of friends to chat with. I’m ahead of schedule in my work, I have found yet another great unsung author, and I have four snoring dogs around my chair. As I look out the window at the storm, I consider myself lucky to be in here. Life is good.

So tell me, how do you feel about Friday the Thirteenth?

Here’s my book about modern day witches and a church getting past their differences and working together to defeat evil. Check out Dark Star, a YA novel.

20 thoughts on “Freya’s Day

  1. Thanks, Prudence! What an interesting read. Like you, I consider Friday the 13th to be a lucky day. In fact, this morning a potential client called me and it looks like we will be working together soon. My day is off to a great start!

  2. I always feel a sense of excitement when a day is marked "special" in any way-good or bad. Feels like there's possibility in the air…for something new and adventurous to happen. Superstition is fascinating to me, the way it gets so ingrained in us, passed down through stories and generations. We are such vulnerable creatures. Seems we will do/believe anything to feel like we have some sense of control over our fate.

  3. I have always been scared of this day. See, I can't even type it! But that has been more about the movies with the same name. Not that I've actually seen them. Just knowing they exist scares the begeezus out if me! But, now, hopefully I won't be so afraid. After all 3 is my favorite number and I believe that "witches" were just smart women who said no, kind of like the modern day B-word. Thanks for taking the scary away. Maybe now I can sleep without the light on tonight!

  4. Hi Emma, 3 is the scared number to the feminine based religions, as in maid, mother, and crone (wise woman) Freya is a very protective Lady, she won't let anything happen to you while you sleep. 🙂

  5. Very cool, Prudence. I did read about Freya in my Google searching earlier for my post. One tidbit said their were 12 witches and someone brought a dog or some-such (I was reading fast!) and forevermore a 'coven' was made up of 13.

  6. First of all, that's the book I'm going to read next. 🙂 I will eventually need to buy all of your books.

    Second of all, I had no idea about Friday the 13th, so thanks for the brief history lesson! All I know is I was born on Friday the 13th (in March). My mom (with whom I no longer speak) always said that's how she knew it was good luck, rather than bad.

    As for me, today wasn't amazing, but it wasn't bad. And if I do what you did and think about all I have for which to be thankful…it's a perfect day. I have some time alone this evening. I'm fit to push a hell of a workout. I'm expanding my social network and making friends and learning so much. I'm getting writing and editing done and will publish ahead of schedule. I'm visiting my sister and her family this weekend…I could go on and on. Damn, I'm blessed!

    Have a good evening, Pru! I won't be around tooooo much this weekend.

  7. It's hard to think of acts in history more horrifying than what religious fanatics did to women accused of witchcraft. The complete subjugation and belittling of women was and is one of the most repugnant acts perpetrated by men. Had women remained on equal footing with men in the political arena, I doubt our world would be the mess it is today.

    Great post! I really enjoyed Gifted and Dark Star. The whole idea of showing the other side of what is traditionally called witchcraft is fascinating to me.

  8. I know it is only a coincidence, but my Friday sucked big time! I trust people too much and sometimes I really get burned. I don't think I will change. It is really disappointing when it happens. I just keep hoping that people will be less selfish in the future!

    Thought I read this, but it was another Friday the 13th post! Great post!

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