Free? Not me?

Hi Folks,

Well, here we go again. Same old rant for me. I’m been preaching the gospel of pay the writer for years now. I’d like to thank all the people who so patiently explained to me over the years, that by putting my work out there for free would give me great exposure and that would lead to greater income. I’d like to thank them, but I can’t because they’re full of shit. This line is just like trickle down economics. Besides, I live in a northern climate. I’ve damn near died of exposure a couple of times.

Not sure whose cartoon this is, but it says it all.


Oh yes, I did try the free thing. I put a book up for free on Amazon for a while. Got tons of downloads, but no reviews and not enough increase in sales to make it worthwhile. Pure bullshit. Before you say it, I am a good writer. I get a hell of a lot more good reviews than bad and as they years go by my readership continues to increase. And I continue to insist on being paid.

It takes months to bring a book to market. During that time I have to eat, so does my family. A book costs about the same as a latte. When was the last time Starbucks gave you a free latte? When was the last time the plumber fixed the leaky sink for free? The mechanic fix the car and say, “Oh that’s okay, just tell your friends how good I am.”

So, now the world seems to be catching up with me. I’m no longer called the poor Pru, the crazy bitch, now I’m the warrior. Yeah, I like this title better. So, to Huffington Post and all the others who want our work for free, fuck you. Like everybody else in the country, if I do the job I expect to get paid. So do all the other writers out there. I personally know dozens of great writers who deserve far greater recompense for their work than they get. It’s time to change this. It’s time to pay the writers.

For more on this, check Kristen Lamb’s blog posts on the subject.


Now, if you’re thinking about the free thing, just remember, if you don’t put a value on your work, no one else will either.


End of rant (for now)


Your thoughts?

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