First Step Into 2019

Hi Folks,

In my last post I gave you a glimpse into 2018.  A tough year, for a lot of people, me included, but not all bad.  My new series, Forgotten Worlds, is doing well.  Now, here’s the third book in the series, just out.  Jake.

On a long abandoned world a man comes to terms with some hard realities of life, it isn’t fair.  Here he must face his demons and try to live up to his own codes, his sense of himself.  Shipwrecked on an abandoned planet, injured, and facing unknown dangers, Jake must find a way to survive. Worse yet, his only companion is a super-powered alien woman who cannot function without others of her kind nearby. This is no place for a man who has lived all his life on a spaceship. Wait, what was that in the shadows?


Jake is just out and already has picked up some great reviews.  With no modesty at all I say, this is probably my best work ever.  So, get your copy today and I’ll get back to trying to top it.  Happy reading.

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