First Rose

First Rose

Well, it has been a few days now since my last post, and they have been busy days.  The large pile of stone and rubble have been removed from the front of the house, slowly, but removed.  We used many of the largest pieces of stone to build yet another raised bed, in which we planted the first rosebush. Since we have named her Briar Rose Cottage, it is only fitting that there be roses growing.

 This block of stone took me a while to dig out, then get a picture taken with him.  After the picture I broke it apart with a sledge hammer, then my beloved partner used the pieces to add to the raised bed.
Here she is, hard at work building with the stone, making a home for the rosebush.
The first rose bush has a home at last.  Now we are officially at Briar Rose Cottage.

As we picked through, and broke apart, the stone we realized that this towering fortress of an island was once a sea bottom.  Evidence of this came up as I picked up a stone and found three fossilized sea shells imbedded therein. She has given us reward for the care and love we are showing to this forgotten and neglected place.  The fossils are now permanent guests in our home.

Your thoughts?

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