Final Row80 Check-in

Hi folks, this is it, the final check-in for this round of ROW80. It has been a lot of fun and it has helped to keep me on track when life got bizarre and interesting. Will I do it again? Absolutely, where do I sign up?
How did I do over all? Better than I expected to do, some things got a bit derailed, but all in all I am pleased.
 So, here we go, final check-in.
One: Write something at least five times or more each week.
Nailed it this time. Over all I did pretty good with this one.
Two: Write a minimum of 2500 on my WIP words each week.
I’m a bit behind that right now, but on the overall average, I’m well pleased with an average just over the mark. Truth be told here, It is spread out over all four WIPs.
Three: Publish at least six new novels in 2012.
I managed to take a big bite out of this one and I hope to complete that in the next round.
Four: Read and review six or more first novels by new authors. (I don’t give bad reviews, so don’t panic, I’m friendly, honest. J
I exceeded the six here and I am well pleased with that.
Five: do more to be supportive of new and struggling writers.
I’ve helped a few beginners, reviewed a few first novels, and read as many blogs as I could manage, trying to encourage each one.
Six: This one got derailed by the PayPal fiasco, so I guess I’ll call it a miss this time.
Looking back I can see I was a bit ambitious in my original goals. Spring is on the way and I will have more outside work to do soon, so the next batch of goals will be reined in a bit. Still I had a lot of fun and met a lot of great writers. A super experience all round.
Ok, that’s about it for today folks. How is it going for you? Did you hit your targets? Let me know how it went for you.

14 thoughts on “Final Row80 Check-in

  1. You did incredibly well, especially with being derailed and then further hindered by PayPal! I would love to sign on for a ROW80, but with summer busy season already showing signs of life, I am thinking that the better part of wisdom would be to wait until fall. My one goal for the summer, and it may be overly ambitious considering said busy season, is to finish my first book.

  2. Well we all have met and learn a lot from this ROW thing, huh?

    You've done incredubly well Prudence! I'd say you ROCKED the ROW this round!

    Are you planning on continuing? I hope so. I think it takes a couple of months to get into balanced with our goals. At least it did for me.

    Thanks Pru for your encouragement and support! Take care! 🙂

  3. What a successful round, Prudence. Publishing your novels and working on your WIP are priorities, and you did very well.
    You raise a good point: srping brings warmer weather, and I'll be outside a bit more. Maybe my WIP will feel abandoned 🙂
    I'm posting my final update tomorrow.

  4. Hi Fabio, yes, I do like to get a jump on the year through the winter. I know life will slow me down as the days get warmer, so I like to have that cushion. See you in the next round. 🙂

  5. Wow, you're such a productive writer, Prudence! Nice to meet you. I haven't found my way here before, even though it's now the end of the round! I'll see you next round, though. Good luck until then.

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