Fashion Slaves

Another day of people watching, and as usual I have encountered interesting folk. The first one to catch my eye was a young man, probably in his late teens. Men always grumble about women being slaves to fashion. Personally, I’m not so sure it’s just the women.
Take a look at the men you encounter each day; what do you see? Here’s what I’ll see nine times out of ten. Men over thirty: running shoes, jeans, T-shirt, grey-blue jacket with a yellow reflective stripe, and a baseball cap with logo. Men under thirty: running shoes, sweat pants or jeans, T-shirt and hoodie (hood up) and a skull cap.
Now back to my young man. He was in full uniform all right, all in light cotton. It was a cold damp day with a breeze that could cut through heavier clothing than that. The kid was half frozen and shivering, but he was stylin’. He was cold, hands in pockets, hard shivers, but he was sure to fit in with the men of his age group. The fellas over thirty have it all worked out. Most of those grey-blue jackets are down filled. Warm!
Oh yeah, it is definitely the women who are influenced by the fashion industry and peer pressure.
Later at the coffee shop, I was attracted to another man. Yes, you read it right, I was attracted to him. What made this man a standout? First, he wasn’t in the standard uniform of the men his age, he was dressed like someone from a B-movie. Work boots, green work pants, and black and white striped sweater. He had on a fisherman’s cap as well. The man had to be in his fifties, the lines in his face spoke of weather and laughter, his iron grey hair was cut short, and the salt and pepper beard needed a shave. His features spoke of Eastern Europe, as did the language he was speaking as he talked with his companion. His hands and body spoke of a life of hard physical work.
What I liked best about this man was his energy. He was all male; there was no posturing, no arrogance, no bravado, no leering at women or swaggering into other men’s space, he was just there, all man. Loved the guy. Whoever he was, wherever he goes, I wish him well.
So, have any of you seen someone interesting lately? Tell me.
Before you go, there’s a chapter from my soon to be released book here:
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8 thoughts on “Fashion Slaves

  1. Perfect insight, lol! There isn't anything quite as amusing to me as watching the teenage crowd pull their pants down to their knees and slink around with an exaggerated limp, usually with as many piercings on their face as I have freckles. Anyone who thinks woman own the market on obsessive fasion just needs to look at the teenage crowd more closely. By the way, I consider boys to be teenagers until they are 30 at least. Sometimes it takes even longer for them to grow up, lol.

    Your Immortal Tigress chapter was awesome! Cannot wait to read more!

    Speaking of fashion; some punk took off with my wife and claimed she was better off with someone who dressed prettier than I do. What's up with that?

  2. You're not switching sides now, are you Pru? JK;-)

    I could write a book about the vanity of young adult males! They are so filled with testosterone they can't think straight half the time, (yes, pun intended). What would life be like without hormones?

    I've been called a lot of things, but 'punk' is a new one. It must be a carry-over from the 70's or something;-)

  3. Who needs two-to-breeds? Let's just do it like the aliens in your book, Phoenix. We just have to take some of that money being spent on bombs, spy cameras, payroll for undercover agents spying on peace activists, and TSA scanners and put it to use with some brilliant geneticists. We'll have the two-to-breed problem bred right out!;-)

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