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Hi Folks,

Well, it’s Sunday, time for a farm report. Writing discussion is on Wednesday, but you knew that already. Okay, on with it.

This year has seen a disastrous cold July that has held the gardens back if not ruined them completely. Fortunately, mine is showing signs of recovery. I won’t manage anything near the harvest I had hoped for, but there will be a harvest.

The peas and beans are showing promise, so are the potatoes, beets, radish, turnips, and carrots Could be good if the weather holds.

This crazy thing is a strawberry spinach. You eat the red berries, not the leaves. Doesn’t taste like strawberries and I like the green leaf spinach better. Won’t bother with it next year.

We had our first salad from the garden today. Yummie. Hoping for lots more soon.

I cut some willow poles for the climbing beans today as well. They’re starting to want to climb up to get a look at the world.

Even the flower garden is recovering.

Well, that’s about it for today. Maybe by next week there will be serious progress to report. Until then, may your garden grow tall and green.

Don’t forget to drop by on Wednesday for the writing session. 🙂


1 thought on “Farm Progress

  1. Prudence, so glad your garden is finally taking off after all your efforts! I wonder why it's been so cold. It's not like you have short summer, right? But there's nothing like homegrown. Let's hope this good weather holds so you can enjoy the fruitage of your labor. Looks beautiful. 😉

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