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I have been up to my ears in the NaNoWriMo challenge these past few days. As a result I have neglected this blog a bit. At a loss for something to share with you, I shall stoop to the easy way out and give you the opening salvo from the novel I hope to complete in this challenge. So, without further ado,

The tall woman darted from boulder to boulder, taking cover behind each in turn. All around her were the pings of projectiles ricocheting off the giant stones, and the hiss of energy weapon’s fire. She took a quick glance then faked a leap from her hiding place. Several weapons fired at once. Had she actually taken that leap it would have been her last. She darted from the other side of the boulder and raced to the next. In this fashion she crossed half a kilometer of battle zone.
Suddenly there was a shout of recognition, and a hail of covering fire was laid down for her. She raced to the shelter of the overturned land ship, and the soldiers hunkered down behind it.
“Woman, what the nine hells are you doing here, and where are my reinforcements?” The officer before her was huge, and he was chewing on a tobar root. This told her he had probably not eaten for days.
“I am Lessa, a healer. I have come to tend the wounded. I know nothing of reinforcements.”
The big man sighed deeply and spat out the root. “There are plenty of them here for you, just behind that ridge. Use the tunnel, it is safe enough.” She nodded and started away, but he spoke again. “Help those you can; dispatch those you cannot.”
She paused slightly, but did not meet his eyes. “Understood.” With that she trotted behind the ragged men and vanished into the tunnel.
Hope you are intrigued enough to want more.  
Happy writing and reading. Prudence

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  1. I love the angle of the healer offering her services on the battlefield! Nice start, Prudence. Best of luck with NaNo. I got zero words written for NaNo yesterday, and none so far today, but we'll see what the rest of the day brings!

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