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Well, I’ve told you a bit about the Children of the Wild series. Now I’ll tell you more, that series is soon to have its own logo, cool, right? The manuscript has made it’s final pass through the hands of the editor and now is with the publisher. I’ve got my fingers crossed for an early February release. Right now we’re waiting for the cover to be finished. It’ll need to be tidied up, but here’s a peek at the raw material.

I confess I can’t wait to see the finished product.

What? You want another peek between the covers? Well, okay, I guess. Here goes:

Marlene had not gone far when she heard a shot in the distance. She picked up the pace. Sound carried well in the mountains and it took a while to locate the source of the gunfire. She found a man with a rifle cowering behind an old truck. He was trembling and obviously had soiled himself.

What happened here?” she asked.

B-b-b-bear, big fucking bear. Big as a house bear… Nice tits. What happened to your shirt, girl? Come here and tell me about it.”

With a sigh Marlene realized she was naked to the waist as she had discarded the shirt and bra ruined by the shotgun blast. “I went skinny dipping in the river to escape the heat. Damn kids stole my clothes. I chased them and got it all back except my shirt. I don’t suppose you have a spare with you?”

Okay, that’s it. Next time I hope to have the completed cover to show you, or better yet, a URL where you can get the book. For now, just a reminder that this will be book three in the Children of the Wild Series. You can get book #1, Immortal Tigress, here:


Book #2, Children of the Wolf is here:


And on that note, see you next time.



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