Evolution of a Studio

Hi folks, I have been promising a full look at the studio, so here it is, from start to occupation.

We started here, with bare ground. The land here is a thin coating of soil over stone, so we didn’t even try to gig down. Here’s day #1

A few days later we were at this point.
From there to here:
And then to here.
Needs a roof, so the Prudent carpenter gets to work. 🙂
On go the shingles.
Now to the siding.
One coat of paint plus windows and door.
Inside with electrical installed, drywall in and painted, plus shelves getting loaded.
And last, but not least, ready for the season.
Thanks for all the encouragement during the long process as K and I built the hobby studio all by ourselves. May you all enjoy a loving, gentle, and heart warming holiday season, and may the gods of prosperity smile upon you in the coming year.

19 thoughts on “Evolution of a Studio

  1. Wow, this is amazing! When you mentioned that you were building a studio, I didn't realize that you were literally pulling it together from scratch. Wonderful work, and I hope that it becomes a great place for inspiration and creativity!

  2. It's lovely. One of my good friends is handy like this, and from hanging around her, I've learned to enjoy watching a project go from start to finish. It certainly takes skill.

  3. You two are amazing, building this charming studio yourselves. How cool that you took pics of each phase. I love the way it turned out. Awesome! Enjoy spending lots of creative moments in your new studio!

  4. I'm so amazed you finished so quickly! That is a very substantial looking fortress, lol. I hope you enjoy many cold days staying warm and enjoying each others company in your hand-crafted studio!

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