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Hi Folks,
They say every step forward is a step towards the goal, a.k.a. progress. In that case this past week was fun and we made progress. You’ve got to love it when it works.

The weather has been hot, and I don’t do well in the heat, but there were lots of bright spots. For example, on our way to the city the other day we spotted a whale in the harbour. He was quite far away and all we had for a camera was my phone. Charis kept her eyes on the area where he was and clicked away, but we’re not certain if we got that camera shy guy’s picture or not. It’s just a black spot, can you find it?

On the other hand, we made good progress on the studio extension. We got the rest of the siding on and the painting started. Now we’re just waiting for the electrician. Once he’s done his thing we can finish it and press it into service. (K has already ordered more equipment)

Ah yes, ROW80.

It wasn’t a complete loss here either. I will confess that, in the heat, I just nap and do little else. In spite of that early morning writing has given me another four thousand words. The best part? There’s no end in sight yet. You see, I love telling the story. Once it’s finished then I have to come back to Earth for a while until the next story carries me off on another adventure. I have such a hard life. Tee hee
So, that’s it for me this week folks, what have you all been up to? Drop me a line, I love to hear from you.

16 thoughts on “Every Step

  1. Who couldn't write a masterpiece in that dear little lilac cottage? You now have officially no excuse for not producing. Totally scrummy!
    ~Just Jill

  2. The studio is gorgeous! What a wonderful work area for Katherine. Jealous, especially of the color. Right with you on the heat, but at least the words came in when you wanted them to. Have a great week, Pru. *smile*

  3. Hi Gene, could you tell by all the whining that I don't like the heat? hehehe Yeah, K loves her workshop and can hardly wait until it is finished and fully ready.

    Another hot day today, hhmmmm, a god day for writing maybe?

    May your week be productive and every word pure genius. 🙂

  4. Shame its not yours – I would love to have it to dream and type away in – ah well you have your fav spot. I imagined the whale with all it's sleakness – great photo:)

    I agree it is a hard life -writer or reader we send all our life saying goodbye to friends:)

    keep smiling:)

  5. Hi Alberta, it does look like a perfect place to dream in, doesn't it? I sometimes think of building a small one for myself. There's an isolated field with numerous half grown trees that slopes down to overlook the waters where the whales play that calls to me. In truth though, I wonder how much writing I would get done there. tee hee
    Saying goodbye to friends, yes indeed. I'm among them now and in no hurry at all to finish the book as I'm having too much fun enjoying their company right now. sigh That is ever the writer's dilemma.
    Be well, my friend, write lots. 🙂

  6. I so love seeing whales. I couldn't spot the one in your photo, but I have had several whale watching excursions that were tons of fun and full of whale activity. I even got to see two whales mating one time, whale penis and all. There's something you don't see every day.

    The little purple studio is absolutely darling. I just know you're going to accomplish lots in that little hide away.

    Happy writing!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  7. Hi Particia, yes it is way more fun to get a lot closer, and we have, but not this day. Sometimes the follow the ferry boat, sometimes not. This time the fun was in trying to catch the elusive guy. We're still not too sure if we did.

    Here in Newfoundland it is common to see lots of different coloured houses. I wasn't too sure about the purple until I saw it on the walls then, wow. 🙂

  8. Boy, that is really PURPLE. Love it!!! And oh do I get the whole hanging out with friends thing. I'm currently editing my next book and so enjoying it. Like a family reunion, without the potato salad.

  9. Thanks Kassandra, Since Kathy named her shop the Purple Raven Boutique everything around here is getting purpled. I think it's grape. Okay, that was a groaner.

    Maybe you guys could do iced tea while you edit. Always a favorite around here. 🙂

  10. Thanks Tia, actually I'm not sure if it is inspired or not, I just like hanging out with these folks. 🙂 Sometime this fall I will share them with the world, I hope. 🙂

  11. Wow, the studio is coming along. You're almost finished. It looks great! Bummer on the camera Pru. I don't see the whale. lol. But I have seen them up close before. They are awesome to watch. And even with the heat, 4,000 words. Not bad at all. 🙂

  12. Hi Karen, good to hear from you. Yeah, the whales are impressive alright. The fun here was trying to catch this fellow when he surfaced. The captain of the ferry boat wasn't interested in changing course to get closer. tee hee

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