Eons and Ages plus a Teaser

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Lately I’ve been telling you about the Children of the Goddess series.  I do hope you enjoyed it.  Now let’s go back to my new series, Forgotten Worlds.  The first book, SUVI, swiftly became a best seller, and for that, I thank you.  Today I’ll give you a peek at the  second book.  We’re in final edits and hope to have it out to you later this fall.

But first, if you haven’t yet read it, here where to find SUVI.


Now here’s the promised teaser:

Final Entry

Struggling to draw breath, Morthel forced down the well of sorrow and fear.  Gently patting the cold dead form of her lover, she fought to draw breath and continue her diary entry.  “Antha has gone now, she has not drawn a breath for some time, and she grows cold.  I’m the last survivor.

“It’s only been a day since the asteroid hit the planet, stripping away much of the atmosphere and pushing us out in the system to a deeper orbit.  The power has failed, and the cold of space is creeping in.

“The collision destroyed two thirds of the fleet, so only a chosen few could leave the planet.  Even though thousands were killed by the quakes some people still had to remain behind. I lost the draw of lots, and sweet Antha wouldn’t go without me.  She stayed with me and so we will lie here, side by side for all eternity.

“I hope someone will find this diary one day and know by it all the joys of the colony, and of its sudden and unexpected demise.”  She pulled her dead lover closer as the racking cough from breathing the frozen atmosphere took her life, the diary still gripped tightly in a hand that no longer trembled from the cold.

Time passed, and the broken colony lay quiet on the surface of a planet that could no longer sustain life.  Ages rolled by while the small shelters gazed toward the sparkling stars, the feeble light of the now distant sun no longer able to warm the planet.  Eventually, even the beacons failed and stopped sending out their pleas for help, dust settled, and bodies disappeared beneath it.

Eons passed before the silent shelters felt another footstep, but these were larger feet of a different species, and even if the machines had power, the strange new voices would not have been able to activate them.

Well, there you go, folks, that’s how book two of Forgotten Worlds begins.  In the coming weeks leading up to publication I’ll give you a few more peeks between the covers.

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