Dog Walk Meditation

Hi folks, a few days ago I spoke of knitting as meditative, and it surely is.  However, there are also other way to set your self free of the ravages of daily stress.  Another of my favorites is dog walking. Here’s how it works, yes, this was my start to the day, as it is most days.

First you pull on your dog walking togs.  Sounds easy enough, except when all four canine supervisors begin to micro manage the process at the same time.  Stress,  right off the bat.  By the time the boots are on and you have attached the leashes, they’re ready go.  Out the door and down the street at a brisk march to burn off last night’s ice cream and their enthusiasm. 

The march gets you breathing deeply and rhythmically, the endorphins kick in and you feel wonderful.  Soon you arrive at a dirt road leading to an expanse of open fields and forest.  You unclip the leashes and they’re off and frolicking.  You can march easily now, no one pulling you this way and that. The sun is warm on your back, the air filled with the sweet scent of wild grass and trees, and the gentle breeze off the water cools your face.  You set you mind free, focusing only on the sensations your environment provides, reveling in the oneness with the living earth, and feeding your soul from the sheer joy your canine companions take in accompanying you through this wonderland.

At length you reach the end of the path and it is time to clip the leashes back on.  They are all panting now, tired and ready for the long march home.  There is no pulling on the leash now, they just trot along beside you, enjoying your company.  You keep a steady pace, matching your breathing to the rhythm of your boots on the pavement, lost in the magic of it all.

You reach home, unclip and hang up the leashes, give the dogs fresh water and a biscuit, then settle in with your coffee and computer.  Meditation is finished, you are refreshed and ready for a Monday morning.

Have a great day, Prudence

3 thoughts on “Dog Walk Meditation

  1. Lovely, Prudence. Thank you for sharing your morning dog walk meditation. Felt like I was there walking beside you!
    I love a walk through the morning world with my little companion. Today the clouds looked like the clouds in an Alphonse Mucha painting, glided bright along the tops and smoky lavender beneath, all against a pale blue sky.

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