Crazy Week

Hi folks,
It has been a crazy week here on the island of stone and roses. I started off with a bang, getting lots of writing done, but that didn’t last. You know the old saying; life is what happens while you make other plans. Welcome to my world.

First, we’re down to one ferry boat so getting on and off island is a bit of a challenge, time wise.

Second, we had the day from hell in the city shopping. Why is the food budget never as big as the prices? Is it just me or does the cost of food go up weekly? Anyway, while on that subject, I had my check up Friday and the doctor told me to get more exercise and lose a few pounds. Sigh. That’s a lot easier to say than do.

Lastly, while working on a building project yesterday, I noticed one of my dogs was in trouble. The poor old guy must have had a stroke or seizure or something. His eyes were rolled back in his head, his legs were shaky, and he was struggling for breath. I was convinced he wouldn’t last the day.
Me and Jokko in better times.

We took him out in the sun and Charis sat with him while I continued working. I took a turn for a while then went back to the project. We both gave him Reiki as we sat, thinking it would ease his passage. Wrong, by suppertime the old fighter was reviving and by this morning he is all ready to go again. After I write this I’m taking them all out for a walk in the woods.
Yes, I’m all scattered today. Yesterday took the good out of me. Now for a true confession, I mean ROW80 check-in.

The target for this past week was 15K words; I barely managed 7K. On the bright side I did get the MacKendricks back from the editor and did the final run through. All we need now is the cover and we are ready to publish. I’m hoping to have it up by Wednesday.
All right, I know many of you outdid me this week. Drop me a line and share the success. I love hearing from you.

Bless, Pru

15 thoughts on “Crazy Week

  1. Glad your pup made it! My dog has seizures. It's awful, and heartbreaking. Definitely takes it out of you! 7k is still awesome! Your word counts always rock my world, lady — don't waste time worrying. Have a GREAT week. 🙂

  2. Thanks, J.R., your post actually made me feel a lot better. Yeah, it took the good out of me to see him like that. I have four aging dogs. Expecting some rough days in the next few years.

  3. Reiki can produce some amazing results sometimes. If only it would melt fat away. 😉

    Since I spent all last week on promo stuff and planning our FB Halloween party (also promo but fun promo) and wrote zilch, I find your word count awesome, lady!

  4. Any week with 7,000 words is an amazing accomplishment! So hug the dogs, take that walk, and celebrate! May the winter storms stay away from your island.

  5. Thanks Kassandra, I too wish Reiki would melt away the fat, or at least move it up to mu chest, but all my attempts so far have failed. sigh. hehehe
    Best of luck with your promotions. 🙂

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