Hi folks,

Okay, I did promise to explain the thinking behind the cover of Pushback. The story of Pushback is an exploration of a survivor’s life experience. Even if you survive the abuse, the violence, the trauma, it never really goes away. Depression, insomnia, and so many more ghosts of the past will rise up without warning, and the survivor as well as those around them, have to deal with that.


This cover tries to reflect that feeling of being and not being, of being lost between your own past experience and the life you’re trying to create. So here she is, Terri Dawn, so dramatically portrayed by the ultra talented Perin Squires. Terri Dawn will fight many battles, but her toughest battle will always be with her past.

Yes, the title and author name are hard to read, that too is deliberate, a reflection of the subject matter within. The book may trigger some people, it did me many times as I wrote it, but I promise you, as always with my stories as with life itself, there is hope, there is always hope.

Okay, there it is, the reason the cover is the way it is, the way I wanted it for this one. Please don’t shoot the cover artist, she was just following orders. tee hee

So, back to work for me. What’s that? Yes, I’ve started work on the sequel. Stay tuned for it to appear later this year or early next.



Your thoughts?

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