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Hi folks,

Here’s another one to keep an eye on, it’ll be out in August.   This is sci-fi for a younger audience as well as the young at heart, and author Susan M. MacDonald does not disappoint.  Imagine, if you will:

Without your memory, who would you be?
How would you know who to protect?
Would love be enough to pull you from the edge?
Now that Alec and his terrifying abilities are under the control of the traitorous Anna, its up to Riley to save her friend before the entire galaxy comes undone. And she’s running out of time as the final explosive showdown with the seemingly indestructible Rhozan approaches.
Book Three of the Tyon Trilogy comes to a dramatic end. (Or does it?)
So here’s what to look for:
And here’s where to get a sneak peek as well as a chance to pre-order:
So there it is, folks, action, adventure, and a whole lot more, check it out.  It rocks!
Until next time, happy reading. 🙂

Your thoughts?

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