Coming Soon!

Hey folks,

As you know, we’ve been updating some of my older works, most recently, the St. John’s series of romances. I’m happy to report that we took Wildflower and tweaked it a bit so it’s no longer a stand alone novel, it’s now book #7 in the St. John’s series. It should be out any day now. So, here’s what to look for, the new cover.

Okay, with any luck at all this one should be live by the weekend or early next week.

Now, for what’s on the horizon. Book #2 of the Elvish Chronicles, The Road Home,  should appear later this month. That’s in the hands of the editor right now. Currently, I’m working on the next tale from the Children of the Wild. Shooting to have it out before early summer.

Well, that’s it for now.



Your thoughts?

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