Chasing the NaNo

Hi folks. Normally I don’t write about writing. I prefer to share other things here on my blog. However, since signing on for the write a novel in a month challenge, there have been changes in my life, or should I say changes in the way I use my day.
No longer do I linger over my second coffee of the day, chatting with friends on Twitter, catching up on other folks’ blogs, etc. now life is different, more structured. If I had been this damned efficient twenty years ago I’d probably still be in business.
Now my day starts quickly. I feed the dogs, get breakfast, see K off to work, then get dressed and fly at my day. By the time I settle down for my second cup of coffee, I have my chores done, dogs walked, and I am preparing lunch.
K comes home for lunch and we have a few moments to relax before she goes back to work. When she does, I head for the post office, grocery store, etc, then I am back at home. the next few hours are devoted to coffee and writing.
The best part is, it works. I don’t have to sit and worry about the story line, it just comes. I sit and the words fly. I love this. I hope I can keep the muse going after this challenge is done. This is too awesome. Now, instead of working all evening, K and I actually have some time together because I have already hit my quota for the day.
I know the blog is suffering a bit now, but once the challenge is over I can get back into gear on the blog. In the mean time, I beg you, stay with me. I’m loving this story. Once I have it finished I will put it up on Smashwords for free.
So, I know there are other writers out there taking this challenge. How are you folks doing? Are you getting the quota? Where do you find the time in your day?

16 thoughts on “Chasing the NaNo

  1. "I don’t have to sit and worry about the story line, it just comes. I sit and the words fly"

    I love it when it's like that! I had an enforced day off, and today only had time to write 500 words thus far, but ooOOOOooh boy. Those 500 words had some gems, and a wonderful plot twist jumped up and bit me in the … um… you know.

    THX for the blogpost!

  2. Fatigue today has left me with little productivity, which isn't horrible for me since the NaNo site says I'll be done around the 17th. But I agree, being held accountable for daily word count has kept me focused.

    I'm looking forward to publishing this WIP as my 2nd book! Post massive edits of course, since we're unable to edit as we go now!

    Congrats on your progress, and your focus!

  3. I wish I could be as productive as you are this month. Unfortunately NaNo arrived in the midst of a crisis that is still playing out so I'm not getting a whole lot done on my book. But I'll continue plugging away when I can. Likely won't hit the 50,000 mark, but some done is better than none done. 🙂

    Good luck!

  4. As long as you are avoiding your blog for a just cause…lol. I would be the last person to complain that you were spending more time on your books than your blog.

    I'm glad you're pulling the story out of the ethers so well. I have been having similar luck with mine, and it really gets exciting to see just where your mind will take the story.

  5. You have an excellent excuse to blog less right now (not that you need one ;)). I love this" "I don’t have to sit and worry about the story line, it just comes. I sit and the words fly. I love this. I hope I can keep the muse going after this challenge is done."

    And I believe you can keep her going…Muse is in you and you're proving it!

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience Pru.

    Since I have been sucked into the vortex of blogs and tweets, it's great to hear of your success this month.

    Keep it up. We're rooting for you!

  7. I have never participated in Nano. My hat's off to you for doing it. Amazing how a deadline helps our focus, isn't it? thanks for sharing. So often I see that it's hard and stressful etc – it's nice to see someone appreciating the process. louise

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