Chainsaw Angie

Ok, I admit it, I should have posted days ago; I’ll confess, blogwise I’ve been slack. Sunny days can do that to me. Why, just yesterday the sunshine got to me and I blanked out. My twin sister (read alter ego) took over my body. She took off the dress and heels, hauled on a plaid shirt and jeans, grabbed a chainsaw and ran outside to play in the sun. I Prudence, am a priss and I admit it, but Angie is all redneck. Watch out for her, she’s a little crazy sometimes. Here’s her picture.
Ok, so now that I’m back in the driver’s seat, here’s the scoop on the ROW80 goals.
The Goals
1.      Blog twice each week over and above my ROW80 check-ins
Sadly, I didn’t manage this one. Next week will be better.
2.      Continue to read and comment on the blogs of my fellow writers
Got this one easily.
3.      Write at least 2K words on a WIP each week
Nailed this one.
4.      I set out to publish six novels this year. I managed three last round, and two more between rounds, so that leaves me with one more novel to publish. I will see if I can get it out this round.
Still got one at the editor’s desk.
I also have four strong starts which I should finish this year if I can get my butt in gear.
5.      Read and review two or more first novels by new writers this round
Didn’t get anywhere with this one. Started a book but gave up. Will try something different. No, I won’t tell you. I don’t do bad reviews; neither do I denigrate another author’s work. I’ll keep looking.
6.      Publish two or more short works, between five and twenty five thousand words.
I really have to get something done on this one.
Well, that’s it for me folks; time to start a new week. So tell me, how many of you have an alter ego who takes over once in a while? Come on, you can tell me; you know you want to.

13 thoughts on “Chainsaw Angie

  1. That's such a great picture 🙂 I wish I had an alter ego who could wield a chainsaw, but my lack of coordination means the branches would be safe and my limbs wouldn't.

  2. Definitely electric, Christopher. You can see the cord on her right leg. This is why I don't use a chainsaw. The gas ones are too unwieldly and I, like Marcy would lose a limb or two. The electric ones? Plenty light and easy to control, but I would get into a zone, cut the power and electrocute myself in the process. My sister keeps telling me to be safe, sooooo I think I will leave the logging to stronger, less clumsy members of the family!

  3. same here Marcy – no arms no legs prob. no head either- so clumsy – me:( well done on your week seems you did well – how you manage so many books in a year has me beat but well done you

    all the best for this week

  4. Why yes, Chris, it is an electric chainsaw. I know that you, as a male of the species, have that recessive gene that causes addiction to the noise and fumes of the internal combustion engine, but seriously, for work in the backyard why would I make enough noise to raise the dead, annoy the neighbors I depend on, and pollute the atmosphere just to trim a few heavy branches. Dude, if I was still in BC where there are real trees I would have gone for the Sthil 36" bar twelve horse unit, but for a few Newfoundland willows an electric saw will do the job without all the stench and racket.
    Chris my buddy, consider yourself ranted at, Newfoundland style.

  5. I love Chainsaw Angie. I've gotta admit, I love working outside and using "guy" tools, like the weedwacker and lawnmower. But, the chainsaw scares me. There I said it. I'm afraid of the chainsaw. You go girl! You're my hero!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  6. Hi Patricia, chainsaws can do a lot of damage all right. The thing is, an electric saw is a lot lighter, smaller, less stinky and easier to use than the big ones. I'm not touching one of those unless there is no other choice.

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