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Lady Blue

Hi folks,

Sometimes life brings you unexpected surprises.  Recently my better half had two heart attacks and two open heart surgeries, in two days.  Two weeks later she developed a blood clot in her lung.  She is on the mend now, making slow but steady progress back to the force of nature she truly is.

However, as you might guess, her care plus the added chores she always did for the family have fallen to me, cutting deeply into my writing time.  Now, imagine my surprise and delight to find one of my books, and the rest of the series, enjoying a renewed level of success.  Here’s the latest review for Lady Blue.

“This is such a great action/love story book. I can’t wait to read the next one. I wasn’t really sure about this but there is nothing but action action action.”


And just for luck, here’s another of the reviews for Lady Blue.

“Absolutely loved this book, literally did not put it down till I had finished it…..really spiked my interest as I am a spiritual person and believe in the goddesses. Will definitely be looking out for any more books by Prudence MacLeod.”

So, here’s me saying thank you to everybody who bought and enjoyed Lady Blue, because of you I’ve been able to keep the family afloat during this difficult time.  I love each and every one of you.



It’s the End of the World

Hi folks,

Okay, we’ve gotten through the third round of edits for the SUVI sequel, and are now moving on.  In the meantime, let me tell you about a couple of stand alone book to help  pass the time while we wait.

First, how about an end of the world, alien invasion, apocalyptic, battle for possession of planet Earth.   If you like them action packed, you’ll love Incoming.   Find it here:



Now, if a post-apocalyptic story is more to your liking, The Second is just the thing for you.  This one takes place long after the fall of mankind.  Find it here:



And if you want ghosts and demons to put you in the mood for Halloween, check out Dark Star.  She’s  right here.                                       Amazon

Dark Star by Prudence MacLeod

Okay, there’s a few stand alone stories for your reading pleasure.  Now I’ll get back to work and see if I can speed up the time frame for the next SUVI story.

Until next time



Hi folks,

I’ve told you of my beloved’s heart attack.  In reality it was two heart attacks, two open heart surgeries, in two days, yet she beat it.  Lady K is now at home and on the mend.  For some reason today she decided to hijack my blog to tell you about the rise of a writer she knows well.  Here’s Lady K:

“Over twenty years ago, I watched as Prudence MacLeod gingerly navigated the keyboard of her first desktop personal computer. She was anxious to embrace the new technology to help her bring her stories to life.

Each day when I came home from work, her smiling face would be a signal that there were freshly written pages for me to peruse. I fell in love with those first characters and was anxious to read their full story. When I reached the end of her day’s work, I often found myself trying to scroll further. She always got a kick out of that and of watching my face as I read.

Over the years Pru has honed her skills as a writer. What has remained constant is her desire to tell stories about ordinary people who do extraordinary things.  As a former powerlifting coach, Pru knows that most people underestimate what they are truly capable of and sometimes place barriers in their own way. She also knows that when you show people how to kick down those barriers, their world enlarges and how they see themselves is forever changed.


Pru also understands that when people can see themselves in a story, the experience of reading becomes empowering. This is why she chooses to write about characters who have been abused, who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, are LGBTQ2, are a person of color, etc. When you can see at least bits of yourself in the story, reading isn’t just about entertainment, but becomes an exercise in having your own notions of limitations and barriers challenged as the everyday heroine finds ways to realize her own dreams and potential, often through the most unusual of circumstances.


The genres, settings and characters may change from book to book, but the key messages always remain: you are enough, you are capable and you are worthy.  Her goal is to tell stories that entertain but also leave you with something to help you along your own path.


So, for action packed stories featuring everyday heroes, check out Prudence MacLeod’s stories. You won’t be disappointed!  Here’s the link:      Amazon

Thank you for that glowing description, my love, and thank you for staying on this plane with me so I can continue to tell you my stories.

Until next time, folks.


Updates and More

Hi folks,

For those of you following the aftermath of my beloved’s heart attack, here an update.  After not one, but two heart attacks, with two open heart surgeries, all is well.  K is now at home, convalescing.  We’re facing a long road ahead, but thankfully we’ll get to make that journey together.

Now, on another bright note, I’ve been telling you of my two best sellers, SUVI and Lady Blue.  Well, Lady Blue is being translated into Portuguese and I believe there’s an audio book in the works.   Haven’t read it?  Well, now’s the time.  Here’s where to find Lady Blue.


Lady Blue is book one of a seven book series, all books are finished and are available at all major book sellers.  Happy reading.

Also, I’ve been threatening you with the next book in the Forgotten Worlds series.  (Sequel to SUVI)  I may give you a peek into the story on my next post.  Stay tuned.

Until next time


Summer Reads

Hi folks,

If you’re like me, you like to hide from the mid-day heat with a shady spot and a good book.  Here are some great series to help you while away a few sweltering afternoons.

For urban fantasy, choose The Children of the Goddess Series; start with Lady Blue:


For science fiction, try the Novan Witch Series; start with the Novan Witch:

Novan Witch by Prudence MacLeod


For fans of fantasy, there the Elvish Chronicles; start with Rise of the Queen:


Okay, that’s just a few samples of what we have to offer.  Yes, there’s more.  If you want to start on a brand new series just getting started, check out SUVI.


So, that’ll get your summer started.  Next time I’ll give you a few more samples.  Until then, happy reading!  🙂




Hi folks,

So, I found this new series called Chickenshit.  I’ll just let the author, Amy Stinnett, tell you all about it.  Go ahead Amy. 🙂

Chickenshit is a fourpart series that follows a year in the life of Billie Hatcher, as she transforms from a Seattle urbanite to an Idaho farmer.

When her estranged father dies, Billie inherits the farm where she spent the first four years of her life. Even though she can barely tell one end of a chicken from the other, she just might make a go of it, with some help from her dad’s best friend, Elliot, and some caring friends and neighbors. But life as a small farmer isn’t always easy, and Billie finds that not all of her new neighbors are all that friendly. With her new girlfriend, Jodie, by her side, she faces down the realities of farm and small town life in hopes of turning her dad’s farm into a place she can call home.

Chickenshit Volume 2 Just Hatched

Now that Billie has made her choice to run the farm, it’s time to roll up her sleeves and get to work.

Baby chicks and goats want to be fed. Gardens need to be planted and tended. And Billie seems up for the task.

As the farm teems with life, Billie goes after her chores with zeal and tenacity, as her dad did before her. But, unlike her dad, Billie’s no hermit. Before long, the farm has more visitors than ever, but the one person Billie wants in her bed insists on taking things slow, to grow their relationship from the ground up. Dates, day trips, and working with friends on the farm give Billie and Jodie time to get to know each other’s virtues and vices before they are in over their heads. Soon, Billie will learn that nature works on its own schedule.

Don’t forget volume one and volume three soon to come!  Find them here!
Thanks Amy, looks like a great series, can’t wait to read it.
Okay folks, keep an eye on this blog for more new and exciting stuff coming up.  Oh, and we’re all fixed up and compliant with the new EU rules.

More New and Exciting Authors

Hi folks,

Today I’ll let C L Cattano introduce her great new series to you.  Check this out!

This epic series invites you into the life of Rafaella Salvaggio and all of the people in her life, from family and friends to lovers and enemies. Her life has been full of tragedy, secrets, and betrayals. Lately, everything has been spiraling out of control. The past is catching up with her, and she will have to fight to get her life back. In her struggle to win back the woman she just can’t live without, her mettle will be tested. She will be up against her own inner demons as well as a fundamentalist group whose mission it is to separate her from her ex-partner and their daughter.

For Rafe Salvaggio, meeting Eden Kingsley was the best thing in her life, but now it was all lost. It seems she is constantly reminded it was no one’s fault but her own. Rafe still hasn’t moved on from Eden, but with the help of her friend Julia, she is getting back into the dating scene again.

Shattered Paradise (Salvaggio's Light Book 1) by [Cattano, C.L.]

See it on Amazon

For Eden Kingsley, the past eight months have been spent caring for her daughter and trying to fit into her new life with Jake. Seeing Rafe date again was unexpectedly hard for Eden to see, but she is determined to do better about giving Rafe time with Bronte. The arrival of a mysterious envelope sends Eden into a panic. It holds a secret that threatens her and her daughter, and she is confronted with a reality she might not survive.

Will they be able to overcome the events that led to the end of their relationship? Will they be able to just get along for the sake of their daughter? Will the secrets, lies, and betrayal pull them further apart or will true love help them see the truth?

Join the journey on this epic contemporary romance serial to find out the answers.


And there you have it, folks.  Stay tuned as I continue to bring you more great new authors to check out. (As well as my own books. tee hee)



It’s Launch Day for Alison Solomon

Hey folks, I’ve got another great book launch for you today.  If you enjoy crime novels, you’ll love this one.  Just check this out!

Afterward, when they asked her to describe what happened, all she could say was, “A thud and a whimper.” The thud was more like an explosion, and she didn’t realize until much later that she had been the one whimpering.”

So begins Alison R. Solomon’s new crime novel, Timing Is Everything. It’s about three women and how their lives are changed forever after a hit-and run. Kat Ayalon will fight tooth and nail to find the driver who smashed into her friend Wynn and then fled. She’ll also do whatever it takes to protect the new love of her life, Gordy, whose only goal is not to get on the wrong side of the law. Kat’s always been better at taking care of others than herself. But when the worlds of her friend and her lover collide, Kat is faced with the toughest choice of all: How can she help both Wynn and Gordy if supporting one means selling out the other?

Here’s what to look for:

Get the book here!

Alison is lucky enough to live in the very lesbian-friendly small town of Gulfport, Florida so she’s having a live launch today. She’s giving 20% of the sales made at the launch to a women’s health organization, the Sonia Plotnick Health Fund – and she’s also giving that same percentage for all online sales made today. So click here to support a lesbian author and a worthwhile organization! You can learn more about Alison and her previous suspense novels here.

Also, if you’re interested you can check out this great interview with this amazing lady here:  Interview with Alison


Okay, that it for me today folks.



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THe Long Arc

Hi folks,

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t plan it this way.  For the most part I too was unaware of the bigger picture as I wrote book after book in the Children of the Goddess series, until I was part way through the first draft of Shadow Ascending.   Then it hit me, what had been going on all along, what actually drove the goddess to make the choices She did.

From    to  

                                                Find the e-books here                                                    

No, I won’t tell you what it is.   You have to read the stories for yourself, see if you can puzzle it out.   Okay, that’s unfair I guess.   Tell you what, sign up for my newsletter and I’ll spill the beans in the next issue, probably later this week.

I’ll also put in a few bits from something new and exciting coming up.

It’s a Long Road Back From the Edge

Hey folks,

Check this out, a new sweet romance just out.  Seela is one that I originally self-published many years ago.  We’ve given her a bit of a tune up, a fresh edit or two, and a whole new cover.  Still one of my favorite stories.  Check it out here:

e-book                     paperback


Okay, for those of you on my newsletter list, watch for a major update coming April 2nd. (Good lord willing and the creeks don’t rise.)  There’ll be lots of interesting stuff in there, so keep an eye out.

Now, while you’re waiting for that, you’ve got plenty of time to read Seela and let me know what you think.  Have a great weekend and I’ll have more for you in April. 😊