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In The Works

Hi folks,

Last post I gave you a hint at the current project I’m working on. There’s a bit more to it, as you might have guessed.The story revolves around a woman who dares to rise up and fight back, but there’s always more than one battle to fight. The battle within is always the hardest.

“Even when you crawl out of the darkness, a piece of it comes with you. Even when you defeat the darkness within, it too will rise up again, for that battle will never end. To survive that fight you not only need strength and courage, you need allies.”

We’re putting the final touches on the manuscript now. Trying not to rush this one, I want to get it right. I’ll keep you in the loop as we progress.

Speaking of Progress, a gifted young artist is getting involved with the cover. You can check out and contact Perin through their FB page here:

Okay, heading back to work now.



New Book Review and So Much More

Hi folks,

Wow, I just got a new review for Lady Blue.  Check out what Sapphic Reviews has to say about this book.


Sapphic review: The first book in a series that you will get addicted to!

How does a long-forgotten Goddess and an abused/bullied teenager join forces to right the wrongdoings of the world? Well, you’ll need to read the book and I promise you that you will be hooked.

The journey that Penny takes from ‘Pee-Pee’ to ‘Lady Blue’ is quite a trip. There are terrible things humans will do to each other but together Lady Blue and Goddess Moragah set out to bring some justice back into the world in the way of the Warriors of old.

Prudence Macleod has a great way of writing, she draws you in. Her characters are well developed and the storyline leaves you wanting more, which in this case I’m happy to say Prudences satisfies with a series of books.

Follow the storyline by reading the full ‘Children of the Goddess‘ series :

See the full review and more here:  Sapphic Reviews

Also, check out SHIP, Amazon ,  the latest addition to the Forgotten Worlds Series (The Suvi series)

Okay, so, back to work for me:

Until next time


SUVI goes Audio

Hi folks, well, it’s finally happened, I’ve joined the 21st century.  I’ve been encouraged many times over the past number of years to bring my books out in the audible format.  Thanks to my enterprising and energetic publisher, Shadoe Publishing, it has begun, and I’m thrilled that it has.  This is amazing.

SUVI has gone live in Audio format, so if you want a gal with a sexy voice to read you a great story, here’s where you find it.



There’s no better way to relax than to sit back and have someone read you a story, so go for it, get your copy today.

The plan is to get the whole series into audio, and although there are only three books in the series so far, I have plans for several more.  #4 is in the hands of the editors right now, and #5 is about 50% done in first draft form.  Stay tuned, there’s lots of great stuff on the way!




More on Cliffhangers

Hi folks,

For the past few weeks I’ve been conducting a loose poll about how readers and writers feel about cliffhangers.   I did it in a way that allowed folks to express an opinion, not just say yes or no.  The results were interesting, to say the least.

The overwhelming majority of folks who checked in (over 76) aren’t impressed with cliffhangers at the end of a book, TV show, or Movie.  Most say it’s a cheat, many refuse to follow along and abandon the series, or wait until it’s been completed then binge on it.  They are okay with, and even enjoy, a cliffhanger at the end of a chapter, but not at the end of a book.  Many were quite passionate about how much they hate them.

Some people seemed to be okay with them, or at least don’t seem to mind them so much.  There were even a few who were quite passionate about how much they love cliffhangers.  Nine, actually.  I checked, they’re all writers.

They say cliffhangers increase sales, the results here would seem to deny that statement.

As for me, I’ve never liked them, they irritate me.  If you’re telling me a story, finish it, dang it.  I’m okay, and so are a lot of readers, with leaving a few hints of things to come, but finish the main thread of the book.

So, there  it is, the people have spoken.  Cliffhangers won’t be appearing in any of my books.  Yes, there may be more for the characters to do in future stories, but each book will come to a satisfactory conclusion…. and that concludes this post. tee hee

Happy Reading



Hi folks,

I’d seriously like your opinion on cliffhangers.  Now, I have no problem with a long story arc that continues over several books, TV episodes, or movie series, but I have to say, this trend of ending every book , episode, or movie with a cliffhanger really rubs my fur the wrong way.

As you know, when I write a series there is a long story arc, but each book in the series ends with a resolution to the current problem for the main characters.  Yes, they know there will be more to face, but for the moment all is well, the reader can catch a breather before heading into the next adventure.

The Children of the Goddess series is a prime example of what I’m saying.  That one begins here:


Personally, if a book I’m reading ends in a cliffhanger I’ll toss it and not read the rest of the series.

So, what are your thoughts on this?  Don’t be shy, tell me what you think, as a writer I kinda need to know this stuff, right?

Until next time


The Writer’s Block

Hi folks and family,

Well, it finally happened, my publisher caught me at a weak moment and talked me into being interviewed on The Writer’s Block, a feature of the Lesfic Reading Group.  Find it on Facebook here:  Lesfic Reading Group

Yes, that’s the look on my face when I realized what I’d done.  sigh  (Tee hee) This will be a live interview from 11:00 to 1:00 Saturday February 2nd/2019.  I believe that’s Central time.  Anyway, follow that link to check out the time.

So, if you’ve ever wondered about the reclusive Prudence MacLeod, come join the fun, ask me anything, learn far more than you really wanted to, find out what I’m up to next, and more.

See you there! 🙂



Post Holiday Book Sale

Hi folks,

As you all know, I rarely ever discount a book, but this year has been tough on everybody.  So, in keeping with the need for a few hours of escape from the madness, I’ve joined with a large group of talented writers, and we’ve all discounted a few of our books.  Yep, now’s  your chance to stock up.  Just follow this link to the goodies.

Show me the treasure.

Herein you will find a myriad of treasure from over thirty top writers.  Check it out.  Oh, and for you who are faint of heart, know this is all about lesfic. (FF)  For my books you will find these super ladies:

Novan Witch by Prudence MacLeod

So, merry Christmas and happy reading.  I’ll see you all again in the new year with a new book in the Forgotten words series.



A Few Reviews

Hi folks,

It’s early morning and snowing out right now.  The house is quiet, and I was looking for inspiration, so I checked the author review pages on Amazon.  I often get some great ideas from the reviews.  Here’s the first seven reviews I found, six five-star, and one four-star reviews.

1. Kiamichi reviewed Echo (Forgotten Worlds Book 2)

Great sequel November 30, 2018

Great sequel to Suvi. Enjoyed it. As the author states in her afterwords, her writing style is a bit different but boy can she spin a good yarn. You should read Suvi first to know what’s going on in Echo.

View on Add a comment View this book’s reviews on

2. walter r machnicz reviewed Lady Justice (The Children of the Goddess Book 2)

Fun November 23, 2018

Reminds of good pulp fantasy from long ago and far away. Enjoy.

View on Add a comment View this book’s reviews on

3. Tinna Webb reviewed Echo (Forgotten Worlds Book 2)

What’s next November 21, 2018

Can’t wait to see what comes out next in this series, great characters and story, I have no problem recommending this series.

View on Add a comment View this book’s reviews on

4. Skip reviewed Echo (Forgotten Worlds Book 2)

Wonderfully entertaining November 17, 2018

Once again Prudence has succeeded in creating a wonderfully complex and fascinating story. Well crafted characters that pull at your heart and bring laughter, tears and wonder. I am so looking forward to the next chapter in the SUVI universe. It’s a bit like watching the original Star Trek unfold on pages. New places, life forms, drama and romance. Wonderful!

View on Add a comment View this book’s reviews on

5. Christian Jeffress reviewed SUVI (Forgotten Worlds Book 1)

Fun read October 22, 2018

This was a fun and quick read over all. While this book might not be a fantastical space opera, it’s still a good book to pick up for some quick sci-fi fun.

View on Add a comment View this book’s reviews on

6. Bleusz.(Scoates) reviewed Lady Blue

wonderful October 13, 2018

This is such a great action/love story book. I can’t wait to read the next one. I wasn’t really sure about this but there is nothing but action action action

View on Add a comment View this book’s reviews on

7. tlhsparrow reviewed SUVI (Forgotten Worlds Book 1)

Great book October 1, 2018

Loved this story and want a sequel

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That’s the first seven, four different books in all reviewed.  Now if that feedback doesn’t inspire a body to write more, I don’t know what would.  So, on that note, back to work for me.

Until next time




Hi folks,

So, what exactly is a SUVI ?  A SUVI is a person who survived a terrible plague, survivor of unknown viral infection.  That person lived through days of debilitating pain  and a raging fever.  Only a precious few managed to survive, but those who did came out enhanced, super human, and yet, not fully human anymore.

Learn one SUVI’s story here:


Now, there’s more to a SUVI than I told you; I left out a lot of important and interesting stuff.  Get your copy today, learn the truth of the survivors.


Aaaaannd on that note, I’ll get back to work on the sequel.  🙂

Happy reading.



An End and a Beginning

Hi folks,

I’m talking about my writing process again today.  This time I’ll explore a bit about the beginnings and the ending of a series, how I get them going, and how I bring them to a close.

Actually, I don’t have all that much to do with it.  The characters come to me, tell me the stories, and I write them down.  I’ve written a number of series, a couple of trilogies, and a few stand alones that eventually morphed into something more.  Case in point, the Children of the Goddess Series began with the stand alone, Lady Blue, written to draw attention to the horror of enforced child prostitution.  This eventually grew into a series of six books, and #7, the final chapter in the series in now a finished first draft.

The Children of the Wild began as my take on the popular vampire theme.  I gave them a different beginning, and a different way of life.  People asked for more, the characters asked for more, and so it began.  Race the Wind is the latest book in that series.  Find it here:

Amazon   Apple   Google Play

This series is showing no signs of wanting to be finished, so you can look for many more stories from the Children of the Wild.

So, now with the tales from the Children of the Goddess coming to a close, I’m waiting to see who shows up next to tell me of their experiences, I mean, besides Lady Hawk.  That girl has dozens more stories to tell.

While I’m waiting for the next long story arc to show up and demand to be told,  perhaps I’ll work on a few stand alone tales.  What do you suggest?