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A Few Reviews

Hi folks,

It’s early morning and snowing out right now.  The house is quiet, and I was looking for inspiration, so I checked the author review pages on Amazon.  I often get some great ideas from the reviews.  Here’s the first seven reviews I found, six five-star, and one four-star reviews.

1. Kiamichi reviewed Echo (Forgotten Worlds Book 2)

Great sequel November 30, 2018

Great sequel to Suvi. Enjoyed it. As the author states in her afterwords, her writing style is a bit different but boy can she spin a good yarn. You should read Suvi first to know what’s going on in Echo.

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2. walter r machnicz reviewed Lady Justice (The Children of the Goddess Book 2)

Fun November 23, 2018

Reminds of good pulp fantasy from long ago and far away. Enjoy.

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3. Tinna Webb reviewed Echo (Forgotten Worlds Book 2)

What’s next November 21, 2018

Can’t wait to see what comes out next in this series, great characters and story, I have no problem recommending this series.

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4. Skip reviewed Echo (Forgotten Worlds Book 2)

Wonderfully entertaining November 17, 2018

Once again Prudence has succeeded in creating a wonderfully complex and fascinating story. Well crafted characters that pull at your heart and bring laughter, tears and wonder. I am so looking forward to the next chapter in the SUVI universe. It’s a bit like watching the original Star Trek unfold on pages. New places, life forms, drama and romance. Wonderful!

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5. Christian Jeffress reviewed SUVI (Forgotten Worlds Book 1)

Fun read October 22, 2018

This was a fun and quick read over all. While this book might not be a fantastical space opera, it’s still a good book to pick up for some quick sci-fi fun.

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6. Bleusz.(Scoates) reviewed Lady Blue

wonderful October 13, 2018

This is such a great action/love story book. I can’t wait to read the next one. I wasn’t really sure about this but there is nothing but action action action

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7. tlhsparrow reviewed SUVI (Forgotten Worlds Book 1)

Great book October 1, 2018

Loved this story and want a sequel

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That’s the first seven, four different books in all reviewed.  Now if that feedback doesn’t inspire a body to write more, I don’t know what would.  So, on that note, back to work for me.

Until next time




Hi folks,

So, what exactly is a SUVI ?  A SUVI is a person who survived a terrible plague, survivor of unknown viral infection.  That person lived through days of debilitating pain  and a raging fever.  Only a precious few managed to survive, but those who did came out enhanced, super human, and yet, not fully human anymore.

Learn one SUVI’s story here:


Now, there’s more to a SUVI than I told you; I left out a lot of important and interesting stuff.  Get your copy today, learn the truth of the survivors.


Aaaaannd on that note, I’ll get back to work on the sequel.  🙂

Happy reading.



An End and a Beginning

Hi folks,

I’m talking about my writing process again today.  This time I’ll explore a bit about the beginnings and the ending of a series, how I get them going, and how I bring them to a close.

Actually, I don’t have all that much to do with it.  The characters come to me, tell me the stories, and I write them down.  I’ve written a number of series, a couple of trilogies, and a few stand alones that eventually morphed into something more.  Case in point, the Children of the Goddess Series began with the stand alone, Lady Blue, written to draw attention to the horror of enforced child prostitution.  This eventually grew into a series of six books, and #7, the final chapter in the series in now a finished first draft.

The Children of the Wild began as my take on the popular vampire theme.  I gave them a different beginning, and a different way of life.  People asked for more, the characters asked for more, and so it began.  Race the Wind is the latest book in that series.  Find it here:

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This series is showing no signs of wanting to be finished, so you can look for many more stories from the Children of the Wild.

So, now with the tales from the Children of the Goddess coming to a close, I’m waiting to see who shows up next to tell me of their experiences, I mean, besides Lady Hawk.  That girl has dozens more stories to tell.

While I’m waiting for the next long story arc to show up and demand to be told,  perhaps I’ll work on a few stand alone tales.  What do you suggest?


Sneak Peek at a New Book

Hi there,

Rhonda Stockman here, known as the Lady Hawk.  Prudence is a busy girl these days, so I’ve commandeered her blog to give you a sneak peek into the next adventure in the Children of the Wild series, starring yours truly.  The entire book should become available in the next few days.  The book will be called Race the Wind, the cover will look something like this:

Now. here’s a peek inside:

The queen of the vampires awakened with a start, breathing deeply as she tried to shake off the spell of the vision.  “Sally, my beloved, what is it?”  Concerned, the king took her gently into his arms.  “Hush now, I’ve got you, you’re safe.  Tell me what you saw.”

She snuggled against him, retreating into the protection of his arms.  “I saw a time of danger, Harald, danger of discovery.  Somehow, a horse is at the center of it, but it is Igor and Rhonda who are the key.”

“Igor and Rhonda?”

“Yes, if they can’t hold true to each other, all will be lost.  If they can, we have a solid chance, but it’s the horse that will make or break it.”

“So what do we do?”

“Nothing, Harald, my love.  There’s nothing we can do.  It’s going to be up to the Hawk and the Wolf; our future lies in their hands, their ability to function, the strength of their love for each other.  This will be their greatest test, and all our fates hang in the balance.


Okay, so there you go, got your curiosity up yet?  Cool.  Keep watching this blog for further updates.  As soon as the book goes live I’ll post the links where you can find it.  If you like this series you’ll love this latest installment.

Bye for now

Ronni (aka Lady Hawk)

Turn it Around!

Hi folks,

I’ve written before about how I once attempted to write a self-help book, but failed to finish it.  It was boring to say the least.  However, I believed in what I had to offer, and I still do.  Back then I changed directions and put the information into a number of sweet romance stories, primarily two.  I present to you now the first of those two stories.


Go ahead, check it out, a good story and lots of other interesting stuff is just waiting for you.  All in time for the New Year’s resolutions. (tee hee)

Now, having said that, I hope to have the second of those two stories ready for you sometime in January, so keep an eye on this blog for updates.


Okay, now I have gifts to wrap, so, bye for now. 🙂



The First One

Hi folks,

I’ll tell you where it began, and how, but it was long ages before she arrived here in our midst.  The blood drinker, vampire.  How did she become what she is, how did she get this way?  It was a collision of events, and against seemingly impossible odds, it happened.  The first immortal was created.  It would be millenia before another appeared.

To get a small sense of the endless years, the loneliness, the hunger, the driving need for blood, you’ll have to read her story.   Therein you will learn of how she came to be, and of how she managed to survive into this age.  You will also get a glimpse of what it will take for her to continue to exist unseen, her and her offspring, for she is no longer the lone vampire.


Originally this was meant to be a stand alone book, but so many of you encouraged me to write more I did a sequel.  Yeah, you guessed it, I’m currently working on book five of the series.  We hope to get it out this fall.

So, go ahead, check out the woman from the distant past.  Step out of this world and into another for a few hours, share the adventure with her.

Until next time,



Hard Way to End a War

Hi folks,

Well, it’s finally out for purchase, the third in the Elvish Chronicles.  In this book we see the end of the Elves running and hiding in fear,  We see them truly rise up and fight back against their oppressors.  The Elves have driven all before them into the cities.  Now all are hidden safely behind stone walls while the Elves roam at large through the lands.  All the cities are severely overcrowded, and winter is upon them.

However, the Elves aren’t completely alone out there, and they will have many encounters before the snows melt in spring.  Want to know what happens?  Here’s where to get your copy of A Winter Siege.


Get your copy today, folks.  This is a great weekend read.

So, I’m back to work on another offering from the Children of the Wild.  Bye for now.



Free!! Books Free!!!

Hi folks,

So, now that I have your attention, let me tell you the deal and the catch.  is looking for a few ARC readers.  Here’s how it works.  You agree to read the book before it gets published.  When it goes live you have to write a review of said book, post it on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever you like, and post links to it on social media.  Not such a bad deal at that, right?

Oh, and yes, some of my books will become available to the ARC readers as well as the books from many of the other great writers who publish with Shadoe Publishing.  I expect the third Elvish Chronicle will be one of them.

So, if you’re interested, check it out here: FB ARC Readers


Okay, now back to work for me.




Wow! Check it!

Hi Folks,

Well, it seems to be true, the publisher has put Lady Blue up for sale at $.99 and has marked down the rest of my books as well.  Still not sure how I feel about all this, but, I’m trusting that she knows what she’s doing.  Anyway, here a chance to get some bargains.  Since she’s on sale, why not start with Lady Blue?  Here’s the latest review of the book.

radargrl reviewed Lady Blue
 Fantastic July 20, 2017
What a captivating read. The author has done a marvelous job with her characters, the settings, and the plot. This is one you will not want to put down. The action in this book is amazing and so real to life.

Lady Blue by Prudence MacLeod


Okay, I can’t waste time puzzling over this development, I’ve got books to write.  Speaking of books, an old favorite has had a new edit, a new cover, and will soon be re-released.  Keep an eye out for At Loose Ends.  Oh, and in a few weeks the latest in the Elvish Chronicles will be released.  Keep an eye out for A Winter Siege.

All right, must get back to work on another Children of the Wild story.  Later folks.




Unexpected Action

Hey Folks,

I recently heard that my publisher  has suddenly dropped the price on all my books, even going so far as to drop my best seller to $0.99.  I have to tell you, this move caught me by surprise.  I’ve always thought of her as a rational woman, but there you go.

So, go ahead and check out any and all my books and see for yourself.  Now’s the time to grab a bargain while I try to talk sense to …

Lady Blue by Prudence MacLeod