Call Me Crazy

Call me crazy, but I actually had fun today. I found myself facing a life decision, well, maybe not a major life decision, but a toughie none the less. You see, K’s brother is a super handyman, and he usually does the messy jobs for us, especially any plastering jobs. The problem? He is back in school pursuing the career change thing. Sigh
So, here I am with K’s studio nearly finished and the plastering is next. Do I pay someone to do it? Not this close to Christmas; I have shopping to do. Ok, I guess it is time for me to step up. What’s the big deal? It’s messy, and I hate getting messy. I have seen this done lots of times, and I’ve helped a few, but this time I’m on my own. Dang, how I would love to “Tom Sawyer” somebody into doing this for me.
Well, Blondie is out of luck, so it’s off to the studio and face the music. Now, here’s where the big decision comes in. Do I whine, snivel, complain, and fuss the whole time, or can I find a way to make this fun? “We make it fun, if we can, Pru my love,” I say to myself, “the question is how?”
A close inspection of the premixed plaster reveals a substance about the consistency of frosting. All right, now we’re into the cook’s territory. I can do this. Wait, I remember now, the pros call this stuff “mud”, I remember mud. I remember playing with mud and having fun. Ok, let’s get some mud on the walls.
Well, I got it on the walls, floor, my hands, face, hair, and jeans. However, I did a pretty darn good job, even if I do say so myself. The best part? The long hot shower afterwards, followed by dressing up pretty and writing about it. This is by far, the best part.
What, a picture of me with plaster on my face and in my hair? Are you out of your mind? Seriously? Oh no, that is not going to happen. Maybe after I get my hair done…
So tell me, when was the last time you got to play with mud, or a similar substance?

13 thoughts on “Call Me Crazy

  1. I wish I could have helped! I remodeled my apartment a couple years ago and I put in a new wall for a small studio. I definitely had fun gooping up the walls and covering myself in grey slime. I didn't realize how messy it would be, and I was wearing shorts and a tank top. It took a lot of scrubbing in a hot shower to finally return from the land of lepers. My neighbors thought I was crazy when they saw me carrying studs and drywall up to my apartment. Now I have a nice small soundproof studio with my keyboard, cello, and my trusty eight track sequencer. I am so glad you resolved to have fun with it! I would have expected nothing less after reading your positive novels. I'm afraid I didn't do the picture thing, though I wish I had now;-)

  2. The task must be completed Chris, the only question is whether to enjoy it or not.

    Alyssa, oh woman, I too wish you could have been here. We could have gotten messy then you could play the keyboard and me the Irish drum.

  3. You go Prudence!

    Those kind of things can be a bit overwelming at first, but you did it! I'm married to a carpenter/contractor so I've been in the trenches, really I have literally been in the trenches or what he would call footers. I guess I'm tougher than I look. Lol

    Good idea making it fun!

  4. Good for you, Prudence! I don't like to get my hands dirty so I'd be on Christopher's team. My mom has done this, though. She drywalled and mudded her laundry room and the job she did is amazing!

  5. Haha! That's so cool that you did it yourself and had fun doing it! Painting walls is about as close as I've come. I'm not very handy around the house, but I sure make a heck of a mess when I'm doing arts and crafts! Looks like a cyclone blew in!

  6. You are crazy. But that's ok; we all are.

    You could always have gone retro, and just put up a bunch of that wood textured panel boarding, lol. I actually like construction projects, in small doses. It just gets old if it turns into a career. We definitely need some pictures of the mud lady, lol.

    Have a great holiday!

  7. S.C. Panel board? Seriously? You're talking to a designer here buddy. Panel board indeed. Argh. tee hee Actually we thought about that, but we like to paint and change color schemes, so, drywall it is.
    There will be NO ugly pictures. 🙂

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