It’s that time again, you know, the part where I blow my own horn. I’ve just had my 22nd book published. I am especially pleased to bring you the tale of Calan MacLeod (no relation, honest). This the first story in a series of five that already exist in first draft. As the months, and the revisions, roll by I will bring out all five novels in sequence. Hopefully one each month.
Calan MacLeod has not had an easy life, but she has risen to, and met every challenge that came her way, surmounted every obstacle, overcome every setback, and now has achieved all her goals.
So what’s next? Calan has arrived, sure, but she has issues that just might prevent her from taking the next big step. Can she face the demons of her past and take that next step into a greater life? Will young Angela be her savior or the catalyst that causes her carefully constructed world to implode?
Here’s what one reader had to say:
“This book has it all; you laugh, cry, love, and then love even more. You can’t help loving these characters and feeling their fears, hopes, dreams, and above all, love. I was completely enraptured from the moment I started reading until I regretfully finished. It thrills me that this is just the first book in a series of five. You could make a whole quote book with all of the poignant quotes that are tastefully scattered within these pages. I found myself highlighting sentences and paragraphs regularly. This book is SO worth reading! Thank you very much for the wonderful stories!
Again, thanks go to the very talented Justin for the cover art.

6 thoughts on “Calan

  1. It was definitely worth the short wait to read Calan after I finished Hope. I tend to read books over and over when I like them, (not OCD or anything, lol). So I'm curious about some of the characters in Calan. I noticed Bonnie from Mildred and Cecile was briefly mentioned in this book. Does that mean we get to see some of the other star characters from your other stories interact? Did you have any cameos in this book?

    Keep up the great work! Just don't burn out, lol.

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