Empire’s Fall

Empire’s Fall
Series: Corelian Guard Series, Book 3
Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure
Tag: Recommended Books
ISBN: 0692583939

The V'Lox Empire has redoubled it's efforts to locate and destroy the Offspring and her band of rebels. Tracy realizes it will never stop unless she can completely destroy that empire. Can she do it or will the Offspring's growing power completely absorb and obliterate the human woman she was as well as destroy everyone she loves? Only time will tell.

About the Book

This is the third and final chapter of the story of Tracy the Offspring and August, the slightly mad Hunter.

The V’Lox Empire intensifies the hunt for the Offspring. As her abilities grow stronger the Offspring develops a personality of her own, a cold, efficient, and deadly personality. One August can’t seem to touch. The rift between them grows as the Offspring implements her plan to destroy the empire.
The over all plan seems to be working until a V’Lox strong man appears and starts to pull the empire back together. It all comes down to a head to head between him and the Offspring. All hangs in the balance until Sniper makes a lucky guess. He fires a single shot that will tip the scales in the Offspring’s favor.
The battles over, August confronts the Offspring. She manages to get Tracy back, but Tracy is much as she was when they first met…or is she? Read the book to find out.

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