Book Review: A Breath of Hope

Hi folks, it’s time for another book review. This time I want to tell you about A Breath of Hope by Robert E. Taylor. I really like reading the work of new authors. Sometimes you find a real gem, and this book is one of those.
The hero, Hamilton, is a rather practical man, but a man with limited patience. He’s a likable fellow in spite of himself. Against his better judgement, he accepts a post as chief of security on a long range space ship.
Hamilton recruits a crew of two, a professional thief and a battle scarred mercenary. Together they try to solve the mysteries and intrigue aboard the ship. It is not an easy task and it keeps you guessing right up to the end.  This is a great story and these characters cry out for more action. Is there a sequel in the works? I hope there is.  Really good stories deserve five stars and A Breath of Hope gets them.
Keep watching for my next book, Gudrun. It is the final installment in the St. John’s Series. Coming in March.

15 thoughts on “Book Review: A Breath of Hope

  1. Oh gods, I needed that laugh! You are too good to me! I was just so excited to trip over it! You have been such a busy lady, I am sooo very proud of you and rejoice with you in your accomplishments!

    By the way, I got e-mail under this name. I just haven't figured out how to link it to my blog yet.

  2. Confession time. I bought Gudrun earlier today with the full intention of downloading it onto my Nook and forcing myself not to look at it for a few days when I would have time to read it without depriving myself of sleep. However, I left the cord that connects my Nook to the computer at home 60 miles away. I open the file to check and make sure it downloaded properly and, well, the rest is history. Four hours later and I have just finished.

    I have to say, I think you outdid yourself my friend. I loved this book and may have to read it again in a couple of days. I think I fell in love with Gudrun myself. Too bad she's taken and, well, fictional. Kyle is going to be an excellent husband, but he is just way too smart for his age. Selma is lucky that he got an early start on understanding and spoiling the women in his life. The world needs more men like him.

    I think I will go to bed now and dream of my own Valkyrie. Then maybe I will recognize her when I meet her. At least I will be hitting the pillow before 2am this time!

    Congratulations on a home run Pru!

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