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Yup, I realized I’ve been neglecting to review some work from new authors, so, check this one out.

Book Review


That Horrible Child

Recently I agreed to read and review a book called That Horrible Child. I had no idea what to expect, but what I got was a huge surprise. As a fiction writer I guess I was expecting a work of fiction, or, by the title, a childrens storybook. Wrong. What I found between the pages was a memoir, told in a series of short stories. I loved it.

First off, the author has placed her acknowledgments at the front of the book, so the reader has quite a few pages to muddle through to get to the meat of the story. Be patient, dear readers, it’s well worth the wait.

That Horrible Child is a walk through one woman’s childhood as seen through the eyes of a child. As I read each story, I was transported across time to once again see the world as a place of magic and wonder, as well as one of mishap and danger. Once again I was able to explore the mysteries of life through the innocence of a child. It was a magical experience for me and I read it through twice, and will again.

Many writers try to reach a certain voice when writing the life of a child, so few manage it because that age of innocent exploration has long since passed. Not so for this author. As I read through I became convinced that she retains a piece of that magical innocence, and through her words I was able to touch it once again. As I said, I will re-read this book many times in the years to come.

If five stars is the magic number for a book, I can only give this one four. I truly would have loved to find the acknowledgments at the end of the book, however, as I said before, keep going folks, this treasure is worth the hunt.


That Horrible Child: Sometimes even the most horrible child has innocent intentions. by [Abecca, Kylie]

So, enjoy folks



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