Book #20

Wow, I can hardly believe this myself. This is book number 20 published. I wanted something a little different for this one, so I have added a twist to the characters. In this story, a hard fisted, homophobic, redneck, is thrown into the company of a timid transsexual woman. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

 Without further ado, I present, A Simple Twist of Fate. Cover art by the delightful and talented, Hayley M. Thanks Hayley, this rocks.

I hope you enjoy reading Fate as much as I enjoyed writing it.

3 thoughts on “Book #20

  1. I'm a little late on posting about your latest publication. For some reason I have to work for a living every once in a while, (grrr…).

    I loved the new angle you tried with this story. It was very easy to imagine the characters, having grown up in a redneck town myself, (no offense to any rednecks out there, we will always love your provincial ways…).

    You mentioned you were working on your favorite romance a little while ago. Is that to be your next story?

Your thoughts?

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