Blueberry Grunt

Hi folks,

Well it’s been another crazy week with lots going on. Bear with me and I’ll show you a few pictures of some of it. We’re at that super busy time of year now, the garden’s coming in and the berries are ripe. I can’t keep up with the strawberries, so we started making jam and giving berries to the neighbors.

a couple of days ago I sweltered in the heat to get the insulation into the shed. Afterwards, feeling icky I cleaned myself up and decided I needed a treat. SO, blueberries in the fridge too long, blueberry grunt. 🙂 So, here’s the mixture going into the bowls. ( Yes, my bowl is the bigger one. )

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You’re supposed to put whipped cream or heavy clotted cream on top, but all I had was ice cream. Sometimes you just gotta suffer through. 🙂

So, that was that. Next time I’ll have a new book cover to show you.

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So, that’s all for today. Until next time:



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