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Okay, we’ve spent a few weeks on cliffhangers, now I want to have a go at writer’s block.  No, don’t try to deny it, it’s real and we all get it once in a while.  Sometimes it gets bad, sometimes scary, “Will I ever write again?  Come on, characters, talk to me, what’s with the silent treatment?”

So, what do you do about it?

Me?  I have several tactics I use, but here’s my favorite, a three fold battle plan to get the juices going again.  One, I play Skyrim and World of Warcraft a lot. Two, I keep note books handy for when those errand strokes of brilliance occur, make notes, write snippets, even a paragraph or two, and read some of my older notes.  Three, I re-read my favorite books that I’ve written.  Why?  It tells me I can do it and do it well, it helps me find my voice again, and it stimulates my imagination.

So, that works for me.  Every block is usually followed with a successful novel that just rolled off the keyboard with ease.  Most notable recently is SUVI, my most successful novel so far.   SUVI appeared after a three month block that nearly drove me mad.  Here’s where to find her:


So, what do you do?  How do you, my fellow writers, cope with the dreaded block?


4 thoughts on “Blocked

  1. Movies are a good way to overcome my writer’s block because if I’m watching in the theater, I start getting flashes of other stories and then, when I get home, I want to write them. If I’m watching a video at home, I am usually multi-tasking and can’t give it my full attention, but it too gives me ideas.

    1. Love movies for that reason too, but I haven’t lived close enough to a theatre in years. Good idea generator though. 🙂

  2. Usually, when I’m blocked, it’s because I’ve been busy with Real Life. Or when I’m trying to make something someone else wants as opposed to what my muse wants… Solution? Some writing playtime. It doesn’t always work well, but it works.

    1. Hi Eden, yeah, Real Life sure can get in the way sometimes. Writing play time, I like the concept, might even give it a try on a weekly basis just to see if it’ll kick anything loose for me.
      Thanks for checking in. 🙂

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