Black Friday Adventures, or Abandoned City

Hi folks,

Yep, went to the city on Friday instead of hiding out.  My lady had a medical appointment, so off we went. It was spooky as hell.  I drove along normally busy streets, but there was no traffic.  Bemused, I remarked upon it.

“Look at the parking lots.”  That observation from Lady K showed me where everyone was.  I swear, there wasn’t an empty parking spot in the entire city.  However, that didn’t last.  By two o’clock there was utter gridlock everywhere.  I swear, if I was a student again I’d be working up a thesis on this phenomenon.

So, for the next week we’ll be hiding out and recouping from that exhausting trip.  I’ll be working on the next book in the Forgotten Worlds Series.  I’m really enjoying these stories, and actually wondering who or what these characters will bump into next.  If you haven’t yet read ECHO, here’s where to find her:


What?  You want a peek into the current WIP?  Read ECHO, the first chapter of JAKE is included. hehehe  I know, I know.  As soon as I get the first draft done I’ll start posting teasers, I promise.

So, until next time,



1 thought on “Black Friday Adventures, or Abandoned City

  1. Sounds like the college town I live in, during and then after a football game. Best time of the week to run errands is during the game…lol Glad you’re enjoying the writing. I can’t wait to get back to writing new words.

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