Beyond Nova

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Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but I’ve been busy. See?


So, back the point. I was telling you what inspired the books of the Nova Series. Today we reach Beyond Nova. The inspiration for this book came from an unexpected source. I am fascinated with ancient peoples, especially the several branches of humans who came before us. Of these, the Neanderthals are my favorites. I am quite taken with these people. One day I was poking around the net and found a picture, a reconstruction of a Neanderthal woman.

It was clear the artist had a love of these folk as well, for the woman looked alive and I was drawn to her. I began to imagine what her life might have been like, how she might have coped with the world around her, and in those wild imaginings the world of Exile was born. I named her Miriam and gave her a chance to prove to one and all that she and her people were equals and worthy of a place in existence.

It was easy from there. The story fairly flowed and Miriam found her place on Nova Crew as they faced even greater challenges than before. Go ahead, check it out.

Beyond Nova by Prudence MacLeod

While you’re at it, pick up your copy of Red Nova as well. 🙂

Red Nova Front

So, that’s the story of the story for today. Next time I’ll tell you about Claimstake. In the mean time, enjoy the stories, enjoy your spring, and be good to each other.



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