Better Late than Never

Hi folks, 

Well, it has been a crazy week here, but it’s all good stuff. We’ve been working night and day (literally) to get this book done. We’ve been promising it for weeks, but the wait is now over. Frankie has arrived. It’s now available on Smashwords and should be up on Amazon later tonight. I’ll post that link on this page when I get it.

This is my first foray into a collaboration and I am thrilled with the results. I sincerely hope you enjoy Frankie’s story as much as I have.

I confess I haven’t got a lot else done this week, but I’m not complaining. I will now leave you to it and go do my happy dance.


4 thoughts on “Better Late than Never

  1. Wow! Did I pick the perfect day to stop by and see you, or what?!

    Huge cheers to you and your collaborator. How wonderful!

    Given this news, not having done much else is absolutely understandable.

    Enjoy! =D

  2. A little bird said they were up through the night editing this little baby. Good going! Congratulations Prudence! Whew, you did it! And this week you'll be able to focus on other things. Yay!

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