Beauty of a Woman

Hi folks, this is the day we celebrate the beauty of a woman. Cool! Be sure to check out August McLaughlin’s blog tomorrow for lots more stories about the beauty of a woman. This was her idea after all. You can find it here: Check it out for a chance to win some awesome prizes.

 I thought long and hard about what to do here.

For today’s post I eventually decided I would rework an older post to demonstrate the true beauty of a woman. So here’s the story.
I love people watching. I love the sheer variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that we humans come in. I will now describe a few I saw from my car window that day so you can share the experience with me. Let’s get in my car and have a look.
There are several small groups of men standing around, smoking or with hands in pockets, shoulders slouched, drinking coffee from Styrofoam cups and complaining about life in general. Grey cloudy mornings can do that to you.
There stands an older man, quite bald, absentmindedly smoothing his comb-over down in the breeze. His younger companion has a small goatee and shaven head. Go figure. That has to be a generational thing.
Here comes an interesting fellow. He’s a big man, heavy, wearing loose clothing. His clothes are worn, but clean, his boots run down and old. He wears his graying hair cut short, mostly hidden beneath a cap with some sort of logo. His face has seen many years in the sun; deep lines surround his eyes and line his face.
It would be easy to dismiss this man as an old fat guy who was down on his luck. Let’s take a second look, for I have an idea his appearance is deceptive. Yes he has some fat on him, but that could just be a side effect of good living. His back is too straight, his shoulders too wide, his hands look like they could crush stone, and there is an easy grace to his stride.
I smile as he walks past the car. With a wink and a nod he returns the smile, and now I can see where all those lines in his face came from. That is a face that has smiled a lot over the years.
He’s gone past now, but there comes an old truck, a working man’s truck, but that’s not who is driving. The door opens and a young woman steps out. She is well dressed, in heels, tall, slim, blonde, and beautiful. All eyes are on her as she alights. She smiles and calls a greeting to one of the men, who waves and smiles back.
All the men are standing taller now, their backs straighter, tummies pulled in, cigarettes cast aside, and their scowls gone. She stops to chat with different groups as she makes her way to the coffee shop, and again on her way back. She has a smile and a good word for everybody she meets on her way back.
By the time she reaches the truck again everyone is smiling. Conversations have gone from complaints to idle chat about more pleasant subjects. I’m not sure if she is aware of the effect she had on everybody, but I do hope she is. I’d like to think this woman used her youth and beauty to brighten the day for everyone she encountered.
For that is exactly what she has done. Through her a goddess came and lifted the gloom from the hearts of all the people scattered about this parking lot. Because of her a number of people, men and women alike, are facing the day with a much brighter outlook. That ability to brighten other people’s lives with just a smile is true beauty.
Now, is it just the young and slim who can do this? Heck no. Yesterday I saw an older woman, stooped and walking with difficulty as she leaned on her cane. She smiled brightly at everyone she met and they smiled back. She is still beautiful and she still shares that beauty with those around her. Beauty truly does shine from within.

So, remember to check in at August McLaughlin’s blog today and tomorrow for lots more on the beauty of a woman. here’s that URL again.

40 thoughts on “Beauty of a Woman

  1. What a fantastic idea for a post. The Beauty of a Woman. You are so right. Whenever I'm out in public, if someone smiles at me, and I can see it's a real smile, I can't help but smile. And you get that little lift in your chest, in your heart. It doesn't matter whether the smile belongs to a child, to a woman, man, old, young, black, white…to see someone else happy and his/her kindness shining through…literally makes me light and giddy.

  2. Genuine smiles are one of those things that can make everyone more beautiful too. There are been studies done that showed moving your lips into the position of a smile actually does have an effect one your mood. (The researchers artificially produced it by making one population of their study hold a pencil in their teeth.) We all need to smile a little more and give beauty and joy to the people around us.

  3. That's right, the age, race, creed, color, or infirmity of the smiler does not matter. Only the beauty of their smile has value. Through a person's smile we can see their true spirit shine through.

  4. The smile is one of the best features in a person. It lights up their eyes and gives their face a glow. I love it when a total stranger passes me by and smiles. It totally makes my day to smile back. 🙂

  5. Prudence, you've done it again. I adore your people watching posts, this one in particular (gee, not that I'm biased for any reason… ;)). This line gave me crazy chills: "Through her a goddess came and lifted the gloom from the hearts of all the people scattered about this parking lot."

    Thank you for expressing this important message in a way only you can.

  6. Thanks for taking me along on your people watching:) It's amazing how someone can just automatically brighten the space they are in. And I agree, you don't have to be young or look a certain way to do this.

  7. A smile can make all the difference! What a great reminder Prudence. Wonderful that she let hers shine the way she did. I love it when all people smile, young and old. I bet the elderly lady with the cane got a ton of smiles in return like you said, brightened everyone’s day.

  8. Everyone has such lovely stories today! Thanks for being part of this awesome blogfest!

    It's so nice to see that so many women are able to find the beauty that surrounds us every day!

    You are beautiful, Prudence.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  9. Oh, I'm going to have to do a people watching post. GREAT idea and I love to people watch and imagine the story of their lives.

    I really loved this: That ability to brighten other people’s lives with just a smile is true beauty.

    I totally agree!!

  10. People watching is one of my favorite pastimes! You set the scene up beautifully, I loved reading this. Beauty really does come from within, and has nothing to do with skin, eyes or hair.

  11. I am such a people watcher and, I admit it, and eavesdropper. But I mean no harm to those I observe. As a writer I am more of a watcher and a listener. If those I observe wind up as characters in my novel, I treat them kindly.

    But Prudence, you have made me aware that I should also be participating in the world and, hopefully, adding some joy to others lives. I plan to smile more, speak more often to those around me, and take more than a literary interest in their lives.

  12. I'm loving these people watching stories almost as much as your novels! I know when a pretty girl smiles at me it sure brightens up my day;-) I love the reactions you describe for the audience. I can almost see it all now as they suck in their bellies and straighten their backs. A moment later she meets another woman, and oh crap! She's gay! Well, that's okay because guys don't seem to mind lesbians nearly as much as they do gay men;-))

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