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As Darkness Falls, A Shadow Rises

Hi folks,

Shadow Ascending has been out for a week now, and here’s what one reviewer had to say about it.

This is the best by far, I wasn’t expecting the series to end up here but by God it was so well done. Excellent characters great story. I have no problem recommending this series . Job well done and can’t wait to see what Prudence comes out with next. To be honest I couldn’t put it down.

– Amazon review
So, what are you waiting for, get your copy here: 🙂
Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m really pleased with this one, and the way the ending surprised both me and the readers.
So, back to work on a new series.  I’ll tell you more about that later.  Oh, and there’s more news coming in the newsletter.  Sign up below to be first in the know. 🙂

When the Light Goes Out and Darkness Falls

Hi folks,

Well, I’ve teased you long enough.  The last tale in the Children of the Goddess series is now available.   Even a goddess can make a mistake, overlook something important, and the repercussions of that can be all encompassing.  Worse yet, when the gods make mistakes, it’s we poor humans who usually suffer the consequences.

Now, as the darkness falls, the children of the goddess, the enhanced warriors of justice, must face that possibility.  Find out what happens here:


I will admit, writing this one took the starch out of me.  It was a roller coaster of emotion from the beginning, and even I didn’t know how it would end.  So, get your copy today, see what all the excitement is about.


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A Gathering Darkness

Hi folks,

Well, last week I told you we were bringing the Children of the Goddess series to an end, even gave you a peek inside.  As promised, you get another peek inside, but also a glimpse at the outside.

As the darkness gathers, something moves within the shadows.  Shadow is rising, and powerful men begin to fear.  So, here’s a rough take on the cover for Shadow Ascending.

Now a peek inside:

Thunder was facing off against Dex.  “I don’t like it, not one damn bit.”

“What you or I like, or do not like, is irrelevant, large human.  The goddess gave me direction to billet the machine riders away from the others.”

“Not happening.  I …”

“What’s the problem here?”

“Who’re you?”

Faced with an angry biker twice her size, Ellen swallowed hard, but didn’t back down.  “I’m Ellen, Lady Shadow’s wife, companion, other half, whatever title will work for you.  Who’re you?”

“Name’s Thunder.”

“I’m not even going to ask.”

“Thanks for that.”

All right now, that’s all you get this time.  I’ll show you more later.  Now, for those of you who (like me) hate to see a good series come to an end, be at peace.  A brand new series will soon be here.  (We’re shooting for early summer.)

So pick up your copy of Lady Blue here and get started.  Catch up before Shadow Ascending gets here.

Lady Blue by Prudence MacLeod


Okay, that’s it for me today.  Happy reading.



The End Is Coming!

Hey folks,

Yes, the end is coming, but there’s no need to panic, just get ready for a rocking great story.  A few years ago I wrote what I thought would be a stand alone book, Lady Blue.  However, it grew into a full series of six books, and now number seven is in the hands of the publisher.

Lady Blue by Prudence MacLeod

Lady Blue

Shadow Ascending will be the final book in this series as it completes the hidden story arc that began in the first chapter of Lady Blue.  I can’t wait for you to read it and get your feedback.  Here’s a peek inside the covers.

Too late the men aboard the chopper saw the gigantic form falling toward them.  The helicopter’s rotor blades shattered against the dragon’s claws and the machine plunged toward the ground.  The armored warrior fleeing from the soldiers glanced over her shoulder then raised her arm high.  As the dragon banked above her she leaped into the air.  Lacy, clinging to the dragon’s spinal ridge, leaned down and grasped Lenora’s hand, pulling her up onto the beast’s back.  “Hey there, pretty girl, did you miss me?”

So, there it is, the first hint. hehehe  If you don’t know who those characters, then get busy, I’ve included a link to Lady Blue above.  Now, we all know that when one door closes another opens, and it’s the same for stories.  There’s a new series on the horizon, should make its debut later this spring or early summer, so stay tuned to this blog for updates.

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Last Chance

Hi folks,

Yes, I’m still excited about all the new writers and their great stories I’ve discovered through this promotion.  Truly, the human imagination knows no bounds.  These ladies have some great stories to tell.

This week my head has been into fantasy.  Wild magic by May Dawney and Dragon Essence by Niamh Murphy have been added to my TBR list.  In the sci-fi section Recombinant Love by K’Anne Meinel is well worth a look.  And, best of all, there’s still more to see, more to read.  I’ll never get any work done at this rate.

Where to find all this treasure?  Right here:

Take me to the treasure now.

So, get a wiggle on, folks, these free samples won’t last forever, just a day or two left on this time limited offer.  Go on, get yours now, you know you want to.

So, I have more reading to do.



Loving the Previews

Hi folks,

Last time I told you about this awesome promotion by several authors who you might not know.  Believe me, read these previews and you’ll know who these authors are.  Yeah, I downloaded all the previews and am working my way through them now.  Get your own here:

Take me there now!

So, what do I think so far?  Okay,  I’m reading Reality Dawn and loving it, plus, I can’t wait to get my hands on Survival Instincts.  Oh lord, can this gal write.  I hope to be this good when I grow up.

I’m not kidding, folks, there’s some awesome work here for the asking.  Go check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

So excited. Check this out!

Hi folks,

I promised you something special and here it is.   This is for all you sci-fi / fantasy lovers out there.  There are a lot of super talented writers creating awesome stories in this genre, and a few have banded together to give you a sample of the  magic.  You can read a bit from each new author to see if their style appeals to you, they’ve even sorted it out so if  fantasy is your thing go for that, and if sci-fi is it for you, check those stories out.

Take me there now!

Free Previews

I’ve checked out a few and plan to do more.  I can honestly say I’m about to blow my book  budget this month.  I’ll have enough to keep me in reading material for weeks.

Happy reading


It’s a Long Road Back From the Edge

Hey folks,

Check this out, a new sweet romance just out.  Seela is one that I originally self-published many years ago.  We’ve given her a bit of a tune up, a fresh edit or two, and a whole new cover.  Still one of my favorite stories.  Check it out here:

e-book                     paperback


Okay, for those of you on my newsletter list, watch for a major update coming April 2nd. (Good lord willing and the creeks don’t rise.)  There’ll be lots of interesting stuff in there, so keep an eye out.

Now, while you’re waiting for that, you’ve got plenty of time to read Seela and let me know what you think.  Have a great weekend and I’ll have more for you in April. 😊




Following the Dialogue

Hi folks,

Recently I’ve been asked again, How the heck do I know who’s speaking if the author doesn’t tell you?  Actually, that’s a valid question, for the written word can often be confusing.  As readers, since our world is permeated with information, we can often scan much of what we read.  We miss a lot that way.

So, here’s what to look for if you’re not sure who is speaking.  We have two speakers, Jin and Joan.  Jim is speaking.  Watch for the quotation marks at the beginning and end of the speech.

“I just can’t understand you,” said Jim. (easy right, I told you who was speaking.”  “Joan, why can’t you ever get this thing right?”  (still easy, by using her name you know it’s still him.  Now for a hard one.)

“I did get it right.  All you have to do is take a close look, and read the darn screen.  The instructions are right there for you.

“Good lord, I can’t understand why you won’t read the instructions.”

(The quotation marks at the beginning tell you it’s dialogue.  He’s accused her, and here she defends herself so we know it’s a different speaker.  There are two paragraphs of her speech here so the first does not have the enclosing quotation marks at the end.  That tells you she has more to say.  The second paragraph begins with quotation marks so you know it’s the dialogue continued, but this one has the enclosing quotation marks at the end to tell you she’s finished speaking)

Clear as mud right?  If you skimmed over that you’ve missed the good stuff, so read it again. 🙂

So long for now.  Let me know if this helps at all.



An End and a Beginning

Hi folks,

I’m talking about my writing process again today.  This time I’ll explore a bit about the beginnings and the ending of a series, how I get them going, and how I bring them to a close.

Actually, I don’t have all that much to do with it.  The characters come to me, tell me the stories, and I write them down.  I’ve written a number of series, a couple of trilogies, and a few stand alones that eventually morphed into something more.  Case in point, the Children of the Goddess Series began with the stand alone, Lady Blue, written to draw attention to the horror of enforced child prostitution.  This eventually grew into a series of six books, and #7, the final chapter in the series in now a finished first draft.

The Children of the Wild began as my take on the popular vampire theme.  I gave them a different beginning, and a different way of life.  People asked for more, the characters asked for more, and so it began.  Race the Wind is the latest book in that series.  Find it here:

Amazon   Apple   Google Play

This series is showing no signs of wanting to be finished, so you can look for many more stories from the Children of the Wild.

So, now with the tales from the Children of the Goddess coming to a close, I’m waiting to see who shows up next to tell me of their experiences, I mean, besides Lady Hawk.  That girl has dozens more stories to tell.

While I’m waiting for the next long story arc to show up and demand to be told,  perhaps I’ll work on a few stand alone tales.  What do you suggest?