Another great review

Once again I am both thrilled and humbled that a reader has enjoy my writing enough to express it in a review of my book, Incoming.  Here is the review.

“Up to this point I had not read any of your scifi/fantasy novels. I am very impressed with how you can write in two separate genres and be great in both of them. This book showed a lot of your knowledge and experiences throughout your life in regards to the UFO/alien phenomenon. It is obvious that you have spent a lot of time pondering the possibilities of what might be outside of our little world. I really enjoyed the light banter and friendship between the characters while still creating a very serious event that was not out of balance with the story. The story is told exceptionally well. I hope others who read this story will see the depth of knowledge that was used to write this novel.

Thank you very much for another excellent story!


Your thoughts?