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 We’re still working on the cover for Hunter. However, since we still need a day or two to get it all finalized, here’s another excerpt for you.
 * * * * *
August moved quietly as she faded through much of the complex. None of the guards noticed her; their focus was towards the entrance. August shook her head sadly as she continued her inspection, entering rooms and checking out spaces marked for authorized only.

Tracy was restless, so she got up and went for a prowl around the complex. The few guards on duty smiled and nodded, but held their attention on their job. Very professional, Tracy liked that. The offices were eerily quiet as she padded around, wandering aimlessly. Eventually she found her way to the small mess hall. She went into the kitchen and began to poke around. “You want anything, Cal?”
“How did you know I was behind you?”
“I could hear you breathing.”
“Sure.  So, where’s your bodyguard?”
“I don’t know, Cal. Probably in her room asleep.”
“Nope, and there’s no sign of her anywhere.”
“Not to worry, she’ll turn up.”
“You sound pretty sure.”
“I am, Cal. Think about where we are. Where could she go, really?”
Cal sighed and poured himself a glass of milk. Tracy touched her glass to his then took a long sip. “This is a secure facility, Tracy. August shouldn’t go wandering about unescorted. There are a lot of sensitive materials around here.”
“I’m sure all that stuff is locked up tight, Cal. Besides, she is standing right behind you.”
Cal felt something pressed into his back. “Don’t move, Handsome, I’ve got you covered.” August began to tickle Cal and he danced away, out of her grasp.
“Dammit, woman, how do you keep vanishing and reappearing like that?”
“Trade secret.”
“Right. So, how did you get in here without me seeing you?”
“I was already here.”
“The hell you were, I followed Tracy in here and I sure didn’t see you.”
August hopped up to sit on the counter. “I was over by the soda machine. Your eyes were on Tracy and you didn’t check the room. Better shape up, Big Fella, you need to stay sharp.”
Cal didn’t rise to the bait, he just sighed and let his shoulders slump. “You’re right, August, I do need to sharpen up. I’m tired, and tired people get sloppy. Thanks for the reminder.”
Tracy was watching them both carefully. She could see that Cal’s attraction to her was growing stronger, but then, so was August’s. She could also see a growing bond of friendship between the two of them. She smiled, for she liked that, and she was growing fonder of them both, especially August.
August favored Cal with a bright smile as she hopped down to face him. “Don’t be too hard on yourself, buddy. I’m pretty good at blending into the walls. I just want Tracy to be safe.”
 “As do I, August, as do I.”
Tracy stepped between them and took each by the arm. “Come on, my super heroes, walk me home now. We all need some rest.”
* * * * *
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  1. Enjoyed your excerpt Prudence. Can't wait for the cover, although I can appreciate that you want to get it just right and there's a lot of work in doing so. All the best to you! 🙂

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