Another Dilemma

Hi folks, here we are again with another should I? Or shouldn’t I?  The thing is, I appear to be all over the map with this blog.  Could that be the way my mind truly works?  Damn. (hangs head, sighs deeply.) Yep, it is indeed a busy place inside my head.  So, here’s the issue.  How do I make this interesting enough to keep you coming back for more?  Should I put up another blog, dedicated to independent writers, and keep this one for more personal posts?

There is a ton of information out there for indie writers / self publishers.  I wade through lots of it every day and could share that with a target audience.  It could be of help to lots of writers, and it could help me focus my thoughts. (now there’s a bonus)

There is also my desire to share the simple joys of life on this quiet island.  Take today, for instance.  It is a cool sunny summer’s day, and as I walked the dogs through the fields, I got lost in thought; my lad took advantage and went for a romp in the swamp.  watching his dancing antics as I hosed him off at home was worth the price of admission.  What a ham, he so loves the water, any way he can get into it.

So there we have it, my new dilemma.  Since you are the folks who I write this for, tell me what you’d like to see me do.  I’m looking forward to your feedback.

3 thoughts on “Another Dilemma

  1. On my blog, I started a "Blog Series" on Citizenship and Disability, as I have seen other bloggers do.

    Perhaps you could incorporate this idea into this blog, have "Indie Thursdays" in which every Thursday a post is dedicated to Independent Writers, and the rest of the week you can be all over the map as much as you like.

  2. Well, me lass, you have put your finger on the central issue for all us fledgling bloggers … how to attract and keep an audience. I wish I could give you advice … but then, it would be a clear case of 'physician, heal thyself'.

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