An Essay: Moragah and the Children of the Goddess

Hi Folks,

This essay is a bit of Background for the Children of the Goddess Series. Lady Shadow being the latest release in that series.

Lady Shadow Front

Throughout the Universe Darkness has ever contended with the Light for dominance of all intelligent species. Galaxy to galaxy, star system to star system, planet to planet, it is always the same. Wherever intelligent species are found, Light will be found contending with Darkness. The Universal Life Force Energy ever seeks to maintain a balance between them. So it was with our world, out on the rim of a small galaxy.

In our case, Darkness arrived first and long held sway. It was well entrenched when the agents of Light appeared. Too late. The enlightened teachers appeared, but each time the Darkness took the disciples, slowly subverting the teachings through the generations, until the teaching of light and love are lost in messages of hate and fear. On this world the flame of reason and enlightenment flickers and struggles to survive.

Into this struggle came an agent of the Universal Life Force. Her mission, to restore the balance. She failed and fell into the endless sleep under the influence of the Dark, alone and forgotten. And then the chaos so loved by the Darkness, intervened. A tormented child’s cry of anguish awaken the sleeping Moragah.  She returned to the world to find the Light still clinging to a dying world, all hope fading under the power of the Darkness.


Changing Her tactics completely, Moragah gave the child great powers then guided her as she became a warrior for the Light. Lady Blue would be the first of many, for Moragah realizes the only way to restore the balance is to fight for the Light. And so She became Moragah, Goddess of Wisdom, Defender of the Weak. She is renewed now, her chosen warriors will push back the Darkness, and She will defend them, guide them in the struggle, and she will create more as the need arises. An all out war would destroy the planet so she creates her priestesses to chip away at the roots of Darkness from within the society it has created.

The struggle goes on.

Your thoughts?

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