An Early Start

It sure isn’t the best way to start the day, but some days are just like that. Today was that day. Christmas was fun, and there was more to come. Today was to be the big family brunch, so we set the clock for early. Nope didn’t need it.
It was still dark when I awakened, Nature was calling and she would not be denied. The trail between my side of the bed and the wall is not wide, and it is where some of the dogs sleep. The rest sleep at the foot of the bed. So, turn on the light and wake K or make my way out in the dark. I chose o chance the darkness.
I felt my way along with my toes, stopping to run tummies along the way as each dog I touch instantly rolled over for a rub. It took a while, but I made it. Cool, I could get in another hour or so of sleep. Nope, that was not in the cards for me today.
It was on my way back when it all came-a-cropper. I was almost back in bed when I heard that dreadful sound. You know the one, the sound that only a sick dog can make just before he heaves up all the treats he ate the day before. I was trapped between two dogs, and in the darkness, I couldn’t tell which one it was. Worse, I was blocking the escape route. The results were inevitable.
K suddenly sat up in bed, searching for a light. It was unclear if it was the dog barfing, or me cursing that had awakened her, but the family was now awake none-the-less. I glanced at the time, an hour before the alarm. Oh well, we were awake anyway. K held the light while I cleaned up the mess. I then went and started the coffee, no point going back to bed at that point.
As it turned out, it wasn’t all bad. We had time for a gentle start to the day, and still get to the boat on time. Brunch with the family was a true delight. So, just to prove that I exist, here’s a picture of me and the Christmas tree, almost awake at an ungodly hour.
That was the only glitch in the weekend, so I am considering myself blessed. How was your weekend?

4 thoughts on “An Early Start

  1. I hate waking to an animal puking an hour before my alarm goes off. But hey, if that's the only hitch, more power to ya! 🙂 Merry Christmas, Prudence. I'm just trying to get better 🙂 but we managed a great haul for our pressies!

  2. Hey Lady Jai, I hope you're back on your feet and enjoying life again. Nice to make a haul at Christmas, isn't it? tee hee

    Thanks Diane. You're sweet.

    Julie, I've been awakened that way too and you are quite right, better the dog than the child.

    Have an awesome new year ladies.

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