Amazing Days

Hi folks,

It was almost a year ago that my beloved Lady K had her first heart attack, and my world changed forever.  The road to recovery is long and slowly walked, but she has made amazing strides.  I tell you this so you’ll understand why I’ve been conspicuous by my absence from social media this past year, I’m spending every moment possible with this amazing woman.

However, having said that, I’m still managing some writing time, and hope to soon have something completely new for you.   The manuscript is already in the hands of the editor and I have hopes it will pass muster.

In the meantime,  Forgotten Worlds series continue to sell well, and I thank you all for that.   This new thing I’m working on is a series, and yet it isn’t.  Each book will be a stand alone, but will be set in the same world as the Children of the Goddess series.  Should be fun.  Here’s a little peek.

“Everybody wants a fresh start at one time or another, but not like this.  Terri Dawn Comarda had fled her abusive husband, stolen his precious sports car, and run.  The sudden bright light, combined with her tears, blinded her and the car left the lonely mountain road at speed.  She was barely aware of the impact that destroyed her already battered body.”

Okay, that’s enough for now.  I’ll tell you more later, right now I have to go make coffee for am amazing lady.



Your thoughts?

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