Amazing Abs.

Hi folks,

Yes, it’s me (Pru) back from the land of TV. It seems that’s all I’ve managed to do over the last two weeks is watch TV. (Gag sounds) I’ve been learning exactly how many body movements make use of the abdominals and where those abs pull when activated. Quite amazing really.

On the bright side, I did manage to accompany K on her walk with the dogs today. It was my first venture through the door since I fell. Dang, how good is fresh air? 

I’ll keep you posted as I make my way back from the easy chair where I currently spend my days and sleep at night) to the desk (where I’d rather be, writing).

On a brighter note, Hell Comes Home is selling well and that makes up for all the bad TV I’ve been watching.


I wasn’t able to do any writing this past week and I doubt I will do any this week coming. As you may well guess, this is driving me nuts.

Maybe I’ll actually have something interesting to share by next time. Until then, may you all be blessed.


5 thoughts on “Amazing Abs.

  1. you must take care – curb your impatience:) the writing will be still there when you get back to desk – enjoy(as much as able) the enforced rest.All the best (I watched a great deal of bad TV when I was laid up – amazingly bad!

  2. Hmm. I don't know what happened. I left a comment and it's not here. Well, I hope this one goes through. I'm sorry Pru. I didn't know you got hurt. I feel terrible that I didn't know about this. Hubby and I got notice to move. Our landlords sold the condo. So off we go searching for a new place. This is not an easy task. So my attention has been elsewhere. Please take care. I hope you are a fast healer! You need a laptop! ((Hugs))

  3. Hi Alberta. Yes, I am taking it easy. You know, I am completely amazed at the drivel that passes for TV programming. Talk about dumbing down the general populace. It's a bit frightening.

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