All Wrapped Up

Hi folks, here I am again with another ROW80 check-in and a studio report. Things have slowed down a bit this week in the building department. However, we did manage to wrap up a few things.  See?

Skipped out one sunny afternoon with the dogs for a walk in the woods. We found plenty of wild strawberry plants in bloom. There was one lonely bee trying to pollinate a field of these. Hopefully she returned to the hive and brought back reinforcements. Here’s what a wild strawberry blossom looks like.

ROW80 Check-in.

I did manage 5K words this week, but I had a minor disaster yesterday. I was happily working away when the last three words I had written appeared on the screen in giant bold print. I carefully backspaced until they were gone then tried to scroll up to the rest of the document. There was nothing there, nada. 28K gone.

I had a minor stroke then took a deep breath and hit undo. The three bold words returned, nothing more. I reached for the panic button and pushed hard; I hadn’t backed up that doc for days. Finally a small voice began to break through the madness. “Just close the doc and don’t save the changes,” it said. “Better to lose 1K than 28K.” Slowly, carefully, I followed those instructions. It worked.

Today I arose at 5:30 to write, I had some catching up to do and I did, sort of. 5K for the week, eight blogs commented on, and a walk through a strawberry patch. Life is good.
The first edition of my monthly newsletter went out a few days ago. Check your spam folder if you didn’t get yours. I put in a snippet from the next book in the Nova series.

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10 thoughts on “All Wrapped Up

  1. I've had that happen, with the big letters and everything else disappearing. I can't remember what random button I accidentally hit that made it happen. I'm glad you retrieved most of it!

    Building is really shaping up nicely, and let's hear it for walks in the woods!!

  2. know that suffocating panic:( hope all goes well now – was out in garden yesterday and have wild strawberries in the paving stones – I have let a few nest in there for the wildlife but because of a missed year in the garden they have romped across the paving with what can only be called a riot! still the bees are humming in harmony so will prob. leave them be

    all the best:)

  3. Prudence I was breathless as i read about every write's worst fear. When I lose something like this I am just sure it is the best thing I ever write. Trying to resurrect it just seems a hopeless exercise. So glad you were able to bring back the most of it.

  4. Yes, you almost gave me a heart attack just thinking about it! Luckily I now keep everything in a dropbox, so even if my computer was stolen or destroyed, it would be in 'the cloud' for me.
    And wild strawberries are great, so much more flavourful than normal ones, but a little tart. Perfect for making smoothies!
    (Am particularly envious as it's now the fourth day of winter here in Australia. And the weather is living up to its reputation. Cold and wet.)

  5. Hi Elizabeth, it was a real wake up call all right. I now have a full back up on a memory stick that sits by the computer. If I leave the house it comes with me.
    It is cold and wet here too, but warming every day. This is the weather that brings the whales home for the summer. Occasionally we'll get a really cool day as an ice berg goes by and the wind blowing across it cools off.
    Stay dry, stay warm.

  6. Phew! Glad you didn't lose your whole WIP. Argh. Darn technology. By the way, I love the cover for A Simple Twist of Fate. LOVE. Best of luck with the building and this week's 5k!

  7. Hi J.R., yeah I got lucky alright. The cover of Simple Twist of Fate is a piece of original artwork done by a friend for that book. She's really good, wish I could afford more of her covers.

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