Author Prudence MacLeod
Prudence MacLeod in her natural state. 😉

Ordinary people are capable of remarkable feats given the right set of circumstances and these days, maybe more than ever, we all need more everyday heros.  

The stories I love best are ones in which I could see at least a part of myself and that is actually the starting point of many of my stories.  I am an observer.  I love to people watch!  I can’t help but notice what makes an ordinary person stand out to me and I can’t resist building stories around those unique character sketches.

The stories I least like are ones where the “hero” remains tormented and without resolution even at the end of a book.  If I wanted reality, I’d have watched TV.  Good fiction should entertain, and have a momentum of its own that carries rather than drags the reader along.  My stories are intended to transport the reader away from the stresses of their day-to-day lives, and to sweep them up into a different world where people much like themselves overcome challenges and have remarkable adventures.

My goal is to write stories that inspire people to be their own everyday hero; to imagine new possibilities for themselves and perhaps change the course of their own story.  I invite you to join me on the adventure.


This is the unofficial line:  When I’m not writing, and am awaiting the arrival of my next story, you might find me in Blades Edge as I’m an avid World of Warcraft player.  I am also an avid chess player, not a great one, but an avid one. I also build, bake, knit,  play with my critters and sometimes read other people’s stories too!

This is how I want you to think I spend my days:

Author Prudence MacLeod, Writing

This is what you probably will find if you track me down:

Author Prudence MacLeod

Lastly, what does the well dressed author wear on her feet during a cold winter’s day?

Author Prudence MacLeod Slippers

Yep, hand knit wool slippers in sandals. We’ll get back to heels as soon as spring arrives. Yes, I did knit them myself.



Here’s another look at the writer from someone who has watched the evolution from the beginning.

“Over twenty years ago, I watched as Prudence MacLeod gingerly navigated the keyboard of her first desktop personal computer. She was anxious to embrace the new technology to help her bring her stories to life.

Each day when I came home from work, her smiling face would be a signal that there were freshly written pages for me to peruse. I fell in love with those first characters and was anxious to read their full story. When I reached the end of her day’s work, I often found myself trying to scroll further. She always got a kick out of that and of watching my face as I read.

Over the years Pru has honed her skills as a writer. What has remained constant is her desire to tell stories about ordinary people who do extraordinary things.  As a former powerlifting coach, Pru knows that most people underestimate what they are truly capable of and sometimes place barriers in their own way. She also knows that when you show people how to kick down those barriers, their world enlarges and how they see themselves is forever changed.

Pru also understands that when people can see themselves in a story, the experience of reading becomes empowering. This is why she chooses to write about characters who have been abused, who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, are LGBTQ2, are a person of color, etc. When you can see at least bits of yourself in the story, reading isn’t just about entertainment, but becomes an exercise in having your own notions of limitations and barriers challenged as the everyday heroine finds ways to realize her own dreams and potential, often through the most unusual of circumstances.

The genres, settings and characters may change from book to book, but the key messages always remain: you are enough, you are capable and you are worthy.  Her goal is to tell stories that entertain but also leave you with something to help you along your own path.

So, for action packed stories featuring everyday heroes, check out Prudence MacLeod. You won’t be disappointed!”