A Winter Workout then a Good Book

Hi folks,

Well, the first big snowstorm of the year hit last night.  I spent three hours digging out this morning, now that was a workout.  The path to Kathy’s studio is cleared, the path to the basement is cleared, the dog yard is cleared, the deck is cleared, the path to the storage shed (firewood) is cleared, the driveway and the front step are cleared.  It’s time for a big mug of tea and a good book.

Which book?  Why, JAKE, of course, the sequel to ECHO.  The first draft is nearly done and by this time next week, it will be in the hands of the editors.  So, what’s it about?  There’s a teaser chapter at the end of ECHO.  Get your copy here.


Now, here’s a couple of reviews of ECHO:

“Once again Prudence has succeeded in creating a wonderfully complex and fascinating story. Well crafted characters that pull at your heart and bring laughter, tears and wonder. I am so looking forward to the next chapter in the SUVI universe. It’s a bit like watching the original Star Trek unfold on pages. New places, life forms, drama and romance. Wonderful!”

“Great sequel to Suvi. Enjoyed it. As the author states in her afterwords, her writing style is a bit different but boy can she spin a good yarn. You should read Suvi first to know what’s going on in Echo.”

Okay, that’s it for me today.  Until next time.



Your thoughts?

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