A weekend of fun and more.

It’s been a busy weekend.  We’ve wrestled another planting bed from the stubborn stone infested soil yesterday.  Today we visited relatives on the big island and raided their overflowing flower beds for donations.  Upon our return K hurried to get the treasures in the soil while I magically produced a meal. While all this was going on, the dogs, who had been left on their own for over nine hours in the house, were racing and chasing about the yard, exulting in a bit of freedom.

In truth, I will confess, I did squeak out a bit of time for work.  I have managed to finish reformatting the second book of the Revival series.  All I need now is a cover and I am ready to publish.  I can hardly wait; I have yearned to publish this series for so long. Once I have them all published, I shall turn my attention to the romances.

Yes, I said romances, sixteen or more altogether, have I penned over the years.  One by one I will pull them out of the shelf, dust them off, and see if I should place them before the public eye.

Now, having said all that, back to that cover I spoke of…

Your thoughts?

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