A tale’s tale


Years ago, when I first began to write a full story, instead of just telling one, I used only pen and paper.  The tale grew, and so did my darling’s frustration with my handwriting.  In desperation, she bought me and aging computer and taught me to use it. I love it, and the story began to grow once again.  In the end, it cover several years, and became three books. (So far.)

Tired of all the rejection letters, I let the story languish on the shelf for years, but, recently, at the urging of my beloved, I decided to dust it off.  I have begun to revive it, and once again I realize that this is my personal favorite of all the adventure tales I have written.  I have spent many long hours over the past week or so getting it ready for the publisher, and now I am thrilled to say, it is ready for you.  As always, I have offered a generous sampling so you can test the waters before you buy.  You can find Reunion here:    https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/67043

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed bringing the story to you.  Feedback is always welcome.

Your thoughts?

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